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The Saturday Book Diver Interviews Jinx Star from Film Me by Megan Slayer

Good morning! I’m here on the set of film star Jinx Star’s new movie. We’re sitting by a pool in a gorgeous tropical setting, but it’s not nearly as beautiful as the actress herself.

Jinx lounges in a chair, relaxed and ready to talk. The tall, busty blond smiles at me, waiting for the interview to start.

SBD: Thank you, Jinx, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. How did you get into movies and what attracted you to the porn industry?

Jinx:  I like sex. Plain and simple. Sounds silly, but it’s true. Okay, initially, I liked sex and figured it was all I was good at. I found out that’s not the case, but time and experience taught me that. Going into porn meant money. Or it was supposed to. My eyes were opened big time. Unless you’re willing to do anythingand I mean anythingthere isn’t big money.

SBD: You’ve worked with a lot of sexy actors, most recently Wes Long. Can you tell us some dirty secrets about him, or at least what kind of guy he is?

Jinx: The name is right on. Good Lord, he’s long. Lasts long and is long. ((Happy shivers). He comes off as a real ass, all full of himself and macho, butand he won’t like me saying this but I don’t carehe’s actually a good guy. Caring, quiet and sweet.

SBD: If you could make your dream movie with Wes, what would it be?

Jinx: Something with bondage. I mean, look at him. He embodies sin and sex. How do you not want to submit to him?

SBD: How do you think Wes would describe you?

Jinx: Probably a bobble head with big boobs. Did I mention he’s blunt? Actually, it would depend on what moment you asked him. If you got him to be honest but not jerkish, he’d say I was a sweet kid. Yeah, he thinks I’m a kid. I’m only a couple years younger than him. Otherwise he’d call me another pussy to fill. Men. Sigh.

SBD: What’s your favorite sex toy?

Jinx: Oh! The inflatable dildos. Love those. You can customize them for what you want. Long and slender or thick and filling. I could go for one of those right now.

SBD: Would you share one of your favorite excerpts from Film Me?

Wes dropped to his knees before her. “To do what I want to do, which I think you’ll enjoy, I need your submission. You need a safe word. I won’t play without one. What’s the name of your favorite band?”
“Perfect. If we get to a place where you need to stop or things are too heavy for you, use that word. Repeat it for me.”
“Good girl.” He stood, then crossed the room to the prop dresser. He withdrew a collar and a thick leather paddle. “What are your fears? What do you not want to do?”
She glanced at the collar. She’d worn plenty of props for the job, but the collar didn’t look like the average easy-release model. This sucker meant business. She swallowed past the lump of fear in her throat. “I like to be spanked. Toys are fun. Handcuffs, rope, I like being bound. But don’t call me a slut.” She averted her gaze. Even when the script called for the male to refer to her as his slut, she winced. “Don’t choke me, embarrass me or draw blood.”
“I appreciate your honesty.” He tossed the paddle onto the bed beside her. “I’m going to make you fly.” He opened the buckle on the collar. “The script calls for you to wear this. Do you accept?”
“Yes, Sir.” She tilted her head back, exposing her neck. “Thank you, Sir.”
“Good girl.” He affixed the collar around her throat, then kissed her. Not hard, but tender, like they’d been together for years. Her lips tingled and her pussy creamed. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been kissed and her body reacted with such glee.
Wes broke the kiss first, then grasped her wrists. “I’ll walk you through the basic script. I’ll set everything up, then we’ll start filming. You’ll be in that” -- he waved to her outfit -- “and I’ll lead you in with a leash.” He touched her kiss-swollen lips. “Want to use that safe word?”
“No, Sir.” Her nipples beaded. Maybe she liked this submission stuff more than she’d thought. Jinx offered her wrists. “Ready, Sir.”
His smile curled his lips and warmed her body. “Take off your thong and have a seat over here.”
Jinx dropped her thong, sat on the chair, and watched him work. Wes rubbed his chin, then picked up the paddle. He stuck the handle in the back pocket of his jeans. Next he affixed a bar to the footboard of the bed. A butt plug and a vibrator ended up on the nightstand along with a condom and a bottle of lube.
While he worked, she pressed her knees together. He moved with grace and elegance, nothing like she imagined from watching his videos. When he glanced over his shoulder at her and winked, her heart melted. How did he do it? How did he manage to make her feel so special? She touched her breast, tweaking her nipple and suppressing a moan. No wonder everyone wanted to work with him.
She closed her eyes and massaged her breasts. Focus on the pleasure.
“I didn’t say no touching.” Wes’ voice broke through her sensual fog. “Maybe I should’ve. Or should I punish you?”
Jinx opened her eyes, but averted her gaze. The men who played her masters didn’t want her to look at them.
“You’re going to be a brat, aren’t you?” He hooked his fingers under her chin, redirecting her attention. “I’m ready for you, Jinxy. I’ll be watching you and making sure you’re comfortable and happy, but you’ve got to be honest with me.”
At least he’d reverted to her stage name. She offered her wrists again.
“Good girl.”

Wow! I need some ice water after that. To see what happens to Jinx and Wes, check out

Film Me

Megan Slayer

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