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Excerpt: Undercurrent by Zenobia Renquist

Wet, Book 3 (multi-author series)
by Zenobia Renquist

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 05924-01900
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Magical Creatures, Interracial/Multicultural
Price: $4.49
Length: Novella

Still water hides deep passion.

Lulu was sent to spy on the competition so she could find out the secret of their success. Her search turns up Hotsuma, a man bound to water so he can use his power to bring good luck to those who imprisoned him.

Working to set him free ignites a passion in Lulu only Hotsuma can quench, but they can't afford to let sex, no matter how good, distract them. Hotsuma's captors aren't about to let Lulu leave with their property, and they're willing to use deadly force to stop her. They'll need more than luck for their new love to survive.

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X Excerpt

His dick twitched when he remembered the way he had used Lulu a short while ago. She was right. He hadn't had sex in centuries, and he was eager to make up for lost time. Leaving Masato to frown at the pool, Hotsuma moved his consciousness through the water system of the hotel. He followed the trail of his scent that he'd left on Lulu's body.

He'd marked her the first time she'd visited him, but hadn't had the strength to follow her. Now that four of the twelve wards were broken, that restriction was lifted. He could go anywhere in the hotel that water flowed. Once all the wards were broken and the barrier gone, he could go anywhere water existed. The Mizuno family would no longer keep him prisoner.

Until that time, he had unfinished business with a very vocal woman whose passion matched his own. He ended up in the fire extinguisher sprinkler in the ceiling above Lulu's bed. She lay there moaning under her breath and writhing her beautifully curved body over the sheets. Her dark brown skin glistened with sweat Hotsuma wished he could manipulate so he could feel her. The barrier spell must still be affecting her.

"You so owe me for not finishing the job, you horny water spirit."

Hotsuma smiled as he forced a single drop of water from the spigot. It landed between Lulu's full breasts. She squeaked and sat up quickly, searching for the source of the water.

Hotsuma wished he could place a kiss on her full, upturned lips as a surprise. He didn't have that ability, not yet.

Lulu held her hand under the spigot as she frowned at it. "Great. That's just what I need. A leak."

Hotsuma pushed another drop free. When this one hit her hand, he retained enough connection to make the drop travel up her arm. Lulu jumped off the bed and swatted at it, making Hotsuma laugh.

She stopped her frantic behavior and peered at the spigot again. "Hotsuma?"

"Yes." He couldn't speak loudly but he didn't need to.

Lulu's body relaxed and she sighed. "You scared the crap out of me. Don't do that."

"I had to get your attention."

"You have it. I thought I left you in the pool room?"

"You did. I followed you. You said I owe you, after all."

Lulu nibbled her bottom lip. "Yes you do."

"Go to the shower and you can collect." Hotsuma laughed at how quickly Lulu ran to her bathroom. He traveled along the pipes to the shower and waited.

Lulu stopped the tub and turned on the water. Hotsuma used a water tendril to pull the faucet stop so half the water flowed out of the spout and the other half flowed through the shower.

"Join me," he said.

"Love to." Lulu removed her clothes, entered the tub, and then pulled the shower curtain closed.

Not enough water had gathered for Hotsuma to form his body but he didn't let that stop him. Using the water flowing from the showerhead as his hands, he caressed Lulu's ample breasts. Lulu arched into the spray with a muted moan of pleasure.

Her body was still hot and ready from the encounter in the pool room. Hotsuma used that to his advantage. He curved the water between her legs so he could tease her pussy. She spread her legs as far as the tub would allow her and jutted her hips forward.

Hotsuma inserted one finger into her hole while he teased her clit with his thumb. Lulu moaned loud and long. The sound made Hotsuma's dick ache to be inside her. Soon. The tub almost had enough water for him to form a body. Almost. He redirected as much water as he dared to fill the tub faster.

In the mean time, his sweet Lulu leaned back against the shower wall and rotated her hips against the hand he used to pleasure her pussy. He wanted to know her taste. Could he taste in this form?

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