Monday, November 12, 2012

DRB1stChp Changeling Press Mon/Sat (12 November)

Join Changeling Press every Monday for new release excerpts and Saturdays for excerpts from the books that started the company on D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters.

Posted on Monday (12 Nov):

** Razor's Edge: Nobody Rides for Free by Sara Jay
(Erotica Menage Paranormal)

** Keeping Score 2: Two Down by Julia Talbot
(Erotic MM Paranormal Romance)

** Followed by Megan Slayer
(Erotic MM Vampire Romance)

** Coriolis 1: Distress Signal by Mychael Black
(Erotic MM SciFi BDSM Romance)

Posted on Saturday (10 Nov):

** Sleeping Dragon by Stephanie Burke
(Erotic MM Dark Fantasy Romance)

** Jolene's Pooka by Kate Hill
(Erotic Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance)

** Changeling by Shelby Morgen
(Erotic Urban Fantasy Romance)

** Elven 1: Elven Enchantment by Willa Okati
(Erotic MMF Urban Fantasy Romance)

Blast from the blog past:

** Molten by Kira Stone
(Erotic MM Futuristic Romance)

** Northern Bears 2: Unbearable by Jade Buchanan
(Erotic MMM Paranormal Romance)

** Solum's Aurora Collection by Marteeka Karland
(Erotic Futuristic Romance)

** Assassins in Lace 3: Blackout by Jocelyn Michel
(Erotic Vampire Shifter Romance)

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