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Saturday Book Diver Interviews Jak from Eternity Factor by BJ McCall

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Book Diver! Every weekend I magically dive into fictional worlds to interview fascinating characters.

It might be Saturday morning in our reality, but here in the world of Eternity Factor, it’s after dark. I’m in a dingy section of the city. The odor of smoke, gasoline and oily restaurant food taints the air. In the distance I can see the Cemetery, a high-rise complex where the vampires of this world are required to live.

A chill runs down my spine at the danger that arises from forced separation between vampires and humans. In my line of work I’ve met good vampires and bad. I’m as curious as you are about the politics of this segregated world.

In the light of a flickering streetlamp, I see that I’ve found the apartment building where I’m to meet a man name Jak. Hopefully he won’t take long to answer the door because I’m not keen on hanging around alone at night in this neighborhood.

The door opens even before I knock and I find myself facing a ruggedly handsome man with dark hair and blue eyes. He wears a T-shirt that reveals his well-muscled arms. Faded jeans cling to the muscular length of his legs.

The night just got better.

After exchanging greetings with Jak, he leads the way to his apartment. He mutters something about its crappiness and while I can’t say it’s exactly a luxury condo, I’ve seen worse.

He offers me a chair, then he kicks back on the couch, those blue eyes fixed on me. While I know he’s human, I can’t help noticing an almost vampiric intensity in his eyes. From what I’ve heard, he’s not a man who obeys the “no socializing with vampires” rule. During this interview I’m hoping to confirm the rumors.

SBD: Jak, thank you for inviting me into your home.

Jak: Thanks for coming. I know the neighborhood is a bit sketchy, especially after dark.

SBD: To start, would you explain the social structure of this world. I understand that humans and vampires are segregated?

Jak: Yeah. I guess the bloodsucking thing got out of hand a couple of decades ago. The government placed restrictions on vampires and forced them into designated zones like the Cemetery. If the Dead Souls Agency catches vampires in the human zone bad things happen.

SBD: I know this is a risky question for you to answer, but readers need to know. Do you or have you ever had a relationship with a vampire?

Jak: Being involved with a vampire is illegal. I never broke the law, uhh, not a Dead Souls law, until I met Azza. If we’re caught there are serious consequences. But she’s worth it.

[I can tell by the expression on his face that he’s deeply in love.]

SBD: I can’t imagine how painful it must be for a human and a vampire couple here. When you first saw Azza, what was your reaction to her?

Jak: I wanted her. Pure physical attraction. I couldn’t believe she picked me out of the crowd. Being with her is amazing.  By the time I found out she was a vampire I was hooked.

SBD: What’s the most dangerous thing about loving a vampire?

Jak: If the DSA catches us, Azza would be put in prison. Hard labor.  Then there is that bloodsucking thing.  I’d be crazy not to worry that things might get out of control. But, damn, the sex is good.

SBD: I believe you. Is there anything else you’d like to add before the interview ends?

Jak: I want people to know that not all vampires are fiends. Azza’s a beautiful being. She shouldn’t be forced to sneak out of the Cemetery and it shouldn’t be illegal for us to make love.

[Although this is my first time visiting this world, I know he’s telling the truth. In my travels I’ve found that like humans, vampires can be both good and bad. For this man to risk so much, Azza  must be a great woman.]

SBD: Before I go, would you give us your favorite excerpt from Eternity Factor?

Jak: Sure. I chose an excerpt that will let your readers know how I feel about Azza.

He loved being sprawled over Azza, feeling the lush curves of her amazing body. But after the flush of hot sex, his skin had cooled and Jak became aware of her lack of natural body warmth. The temperature had soared in the afternoon. With the windows closed, the apartment was as hot and airless as an oven. He stroked her arm. “Your skin is so cool.”
Azza pushed him off of her, handling him as if he weighed a few pounds. “I’m making you cold.” She rose from the bed, a pale ethereal shadow in the darkened room.
“I’m not cold.” Jak turned on the bedside lamp. A soft glow illuminated the room. “It’s hotter than hell in here. Your skin feels nice. I don’t know a lot about vampires, but you’re like ice cream on a summer afternoon.”
“I’ve been compared to a lot of things since I was turned, but never ice cream.”
Azza stood at the foot of his bed. Her muscles were sleek, her breasts high and round with lush, long nipples. Her belly was flat and her legs were long.
“You’re staring, Jak.”
His gaze slid to her face. She was smiling and the look in her eyes told him she didn’t mind being admired. And admire he did. Azza was so damn beautiful, so perfect, she stole his breath. “I like what I see.”
“I don’t disgust you?”
He rose from the bed and reached for her, drawing her close. “I like being with you. I like having sex with you. I like the coolness of your skin. I thought you liked my heat?”
“I do. You have no idea how good your cock feels inside me.”
He grinned. “Yeah, I do. Give me a few minutes to recover and I’ll show you.”

It’s hard not to be touched by an excerpt like that. Clearly these are two people who should be allowed to have a life together.

It’s time for me to take leave of Jak’s world. He escorts me to the street and gallantly volunteers to wait until the magic takes me back to my world. Unfortunately I must abide by certain rules when I travel to fictional worlds, and one is to never allow the inhabitants to watch me come and go.

Jak steps back into his building and closes the door, but our conversation stays with me. I’m curious about Azza and would like to know if they finally get their happily ever after.

If you’re curious too, check out Eternity Factor by BJ McCall.

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