Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tasty Tuesday ~ Punch!!

Hey all. I don't have any pictures of this because, well, it goes so fast. The trick to this recipe is that it's easy. Yep. Really, really easy.

I call this Easy Punch. (and no, no one gets hurt)

1 - 2 ltr bottle Sprite/7Up/Sierra Mist (whichever you choose)

1 - 48 oz bottle Hawaiian Punch (but you can totally experiment here and try different juices if you don't want Hawaiian Punch - grape cranberry juice works well, too)

1 pkg frozen berries (works great for ice and doesn't water down the punch, while adding healthiness)

Mix in a punch bowl and enjoy. It's truly that simple. Best part about it? You can make this totally soft or add spirits to make it harder. There's so much room for experimentation.


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