Monday, May 06, 2013

DRB1stChp Changeling Sundays (05 May)

DRB1stChp Changeling Press Sundays (05 May):
(full first chapters online)

*** Edible Decadence by Mychael Black
(Erotic Vampire Romance, MM)

*** Pride (Pretty Boy 2) by Ana Raine
(Erotic BDSM Contemporary Romance, MM)

*** Stroke Me (Intimacies 1) by Melyssa Jay
(Erotic BDSM Contemporary BBW Romance, MF)

*** Tending to Rose (Rose and Thorne 2) by Sean Michael
(Erotic BDSM Contemporary Romance, MM)

Revisit the new releases of 29 November:

** Holidays Are Hell 1: Devil Under the Mistetoe by Sam Cheever
(Erotic Dark Fantasy Christmas Romance)

** Protect and Serve: Mistletoe and Whine by Sharon Maria Bidwell
(Erotic MMF Shifter Christmas Humor Romance)

** Northern Bears 4: Pandamonium by Jade Buchanan
(Erotic MM Shifter Romance)

** Belonging to Hayden by Jessica Coulter Smith
(Erotic MF Shifter/Vampire Romance)

Zenobia Renquist
Discover Different and Unique Romance
Caveat Emptor Series :: Three couples caught in a war have only one solution -- peace. Si vis pacem, para bellum. ::

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