Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Saturday Book Diver Interviews Kol and Andromeda from Space Marine by Marteeka Karland

Welcome to the Saturday Book Diver! Today I’m talking to Kol and Andromeda from Space Marine. The Book Diver magic has whisked me through their galaxy right into this pleasure bar where Andromeda works.

At the moment I’m sitting here with Kol, a ruggedly handsome man with short, tight dark hair and a deliciously buff body. Though he’s relaxed, sipping his drink, he’s obviously not the kind of guy a sane person wants to mess with. His gaze scans the bar, as if waiting for one of the patrons to cause trouble. Yet no one seems interested in anything except drinking, flirting and fucking. The lights are dim, the air heavy with musk. Couples undulating on the dance floor--and in the darkest corners of the room--keep time with the pulse of the music wafting through the bar.

We’re waiting for Andromeda to join us. I know when she appears not only because of the look on Kol’s face, but because there’s no missing the small, beautiful woman with long, dark hair who seems to glide across the bar.

When she reaches our table, before she can sit, Kol tugs her onto his lap. I can tell this interview will be a pleasure.

SBD: Thank you both for talking to us today. Since you’re both obviously good--uh--friends, how did you meet?

Kol: I beat the crap out of the man trying to buy her services, then I took his place.

Andromeda: [Elbows Kol in the gut. The big Marine winces, but rolls his eyes.] Kol bought time with me. Had I known he’d run off my customer, I’d have shoved him out the nearest airlock.

Kol: [Deadpans his response] She says that with great affection.

I knew these two would be fun!

SBD: I understand Kol is a cyborg. What’s it like having sex with him and do his artificial parts affect lovemaking?

Andromeda: [Sighs happily] Space Marines are all physically enhanced. That part is optional. Though, I’ve never known a Marine who didn’t opt for the extra enhancement. Yeah, he’s big. But, as they say, it’s not the size of the space craft, it’s the motion of the gravitational stabilizers.

Kol: [Gives Andromeda a “you’ve got to be kidding” look, but says nothing.]

SBD: [Chuckles.] Do you two have a favorite toy/game/position?

Andromeda: As long as the end result is me getting off, I could give a rats ass.

Kol: And here I thought you liked the slow and gentle stuff best. I’ll try to keep that in mind from now on.

SBD: Kol, what’s the sexiest thing about Andromeda?

Kol: Everything. But mostly how she’s brave enough to take on a big Marine like me.

SBD: Andromeda, what’s the sexiest thing about Kol?

Andromeda: How he knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to do everything he had to to convince me we belonged together.

SBD: That is very sexy! Before the Book Diver magic sends me home, would you share one of your favorite excerpts from Space Marine?

Her marine wrapped his arms around her waist before latching on to one peaked nipple, sucking and nipping. Andromeda slid her hands over his head, his high-and-tight cut abrading her palms as she held him to her. If she lived to be a hundred, she’d never get tired of the feeling of such a large man wrapping himself around her. She loved his strength, the feel of his hard body pressed so tightly against hers.

Rough, strong hands molded every curve of her body. He seemed to crave her body, needing it as much as she needed his. Every time he slid his hands over her skin seemed more desperate than the last. It wasn’t long before his touch bordered on pain, but he never crossed that line into true pain. Andromeda knew she didn’t need to do anything. Just being there, allowing him full access to her body, was enough for him. For now anyway.

He seemed fascinated with her breasts, laving and nipping the peaked nipples until she squirmed. The fleshy globes were more than a handful for most men, but they seemed to fit perfectly into this guy’s palms. The longer he indulged himself, the more aggressive he became, growling and snarling against her chest possessively. Andromeda loved the sounds he made, loved they way he touched her. He was rough, but not so much as to detract from her pleasure.

The little squeals that escaped her lips every now and then only seemed to spur him on. He might have been paying for his own pleasure, but he wasn’t so callous that he wasn’t concerned with hers. Most men could have cared less if she enjoyed herself or not. This one, though, milked her for every single response he could get.

He stayed at her breasts until she arched into him, offering him as much as he desired. Andromeda wasn’t beyond faking her response if that was what was required, but with this man, she didn’t have to. He seemed to know exactly what she needed and gave it to her in spades.

As he moved down her body, urging her legs over his shoulders, Andromeda sighed, losing herself in the wicked things her marine was doing to her. He definitely knew his way around the female body. The undersides of her breasts seemed to be particularly sensitive as he nipped and licked his way over them before moving lower to her belly button. He tugged at the little charm adorning the indenture.

“Ahh!” She couldn’t help it. He was that good. Andromeda was a woman very experienced in the art of pleasure, but he was the one robbing her of her sanity.

Whew! That excerpt is so hot that I need to order a cold drink before saying goodbye to Kol and Andromeda.

Andromeda herself is kind enough to bring me a tall iced tea flavored with exotic fruit.

With the interview over, I step into a back room for privacy, since I’m required to be alone when the Book Diver magic sends me back to my world. I leave Kol and Andromeda kissing at the table. Meeting this exciting couple has left me wanting to know more about them. To find out what happens to Kol and Andromeda, check out

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