Friday, May 31, 2013

Bane From "Boon Collector" Offers 10 Reasons to Read His Story

Sara: Okay, Bane. I told you I'd let you share 10 reasons why people should read your story, but you promised to behave. I'll have to cut you off if you start pulling your tricks. Deal?

Bane: Okay, okay! Look, I'm not gonna lie. At the beginning of my story, Tisha seems pretty mousy. A wallflower, if you will. By the time she's had her legs wrapped around me, however... she's a totally different person. She's who she was meant to be, as you'll find out.

I've got 10 good reasons to read my story The Boon Collector. OK, it's Sara Jay's story, but it's about me, so it's mine, too. I'm a demon, and I say so.

10. Tree sex. Intrigued yet? And no, I don't mean in a tree.

9. Sex while falling down into hell. You can't beat that. I would know.

8. Janie Esparza from The Romance Studio says, "The love scenes between Bane and Tisha are melting hot." I don't like to brag, but... yeah, I do, and yeah, they are.

7. Human-demon relationship development. You wish you had it this good.

6. Tisha's sexy tasks to complete in Hell. One includes a very organic flogger and a woman. Another, a woodcutter who doesn't even know she's there. The others, well, I'll let you read about them in the book...

5. Demons have extra appendages. Yeah, I'm talkin' tail.

4. You get to go to Hell without actually going to Hell. That's a pretty sweet deal.

3. Demons aren't always what you think we are. We might surprise you in the end.

2. It's a story about returning to yourself, something I know a lot of humans can relate to. Okay, demons, too.

1. My abs. Need I say more?

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  1. Too funny! Bane's a character... demon or not. :)

  2. Great interview, Sara. I feel for you, trying to keep a demon like Bane under control. He's a handful!