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Saturday Book Diver Interviews Bo from Tiger Fork by Saloni Quinby

Hello and welcome to the Saturday Book Diver! Every weekend I dive into fictional worlds to bring you interviews with a variety of sexy and sometimes dangerous characters.

Dangerous is definitely a word that applies to the man I'm interviewing this morning. Actually, as I've been warned, he's not a man and doesn't like being referred to as one. He is a feline shifter, a Roar'dyn.

On this planet, the Roar'dyn and humans have been at war for generations. Humans--invaders who crashed on this planet--have driven the native feline shifters to near extinction.

Bo's duty is to protect his dynasty, especially from humans. To conduct this interview I'm waiting in a neutral area on the edge of the river that is the accepted boundary between Roar'dyn territory and the human kingdom. Despite his mistrust of humans, Bo has agreed to talk to me.

I admit I'm rather nervous. I see movement in the vegetation and a tall, powerfully built man with long sandy hair and vibrant green eyes approaches. He doesn't smile or offer me a handshake, but studies me warily. I introduce myself and he nods, his expression stony. Instinct tells me that I must be careful around this shifter.

SBD: Bo, I appreciate your willingness to talk to me. I know you have reason to mistrust humans.

Right  now there is only one human I trust, but I hope someday our people will find a peaceful solution to our problems.

SBD: This one human, would you tell us about him. . .or her?

His name is Han. He's a great warrior, but he believes violence should be a last resort. We were supposed to battle to the death and I'm ashamed to admit that during the fight he got the better of me. He could have killed me, but he saved my life instead.

[It's hard to believe a mere human could beat a powerful shifter like Bo, but I'm beginning to realize that Han is a special man.]

You said you hope there can be peace between man-tigers and humans someday, but do you truly believe it’s possible?   

Bo: We're called Roar'dyn. Man-tiger is a human word. In my heart I want peace, but my gut tells me it won’t happen. There's too much hatred between our species. 

SBD: It must be difficult having a friendship with a human.

Han is more than a friend. He's my soulmate and yes, it’s very difficult for us. My leader and his emperor expect blind loyalty. They want to see only the evil in each other’s species.

SBD: What do you love most about Han?

His ability to hope, no matter what the odds. He has a beautiful soul. Han has helped me discover a part of myself I never knew existed.

[It's obvious by the look in his eyes that he loves Han deeply.]

SBD: If you have to choose between Han and your dynasty, what will you do?

[His expression turns deadly and he growls.] I hope it won't come to that.

SBD: If I asked Han that same question, how do you think he'd answer?

He already answered when he rescued me from a trap intended to destroy me.

SBD: My time here is almost up, but before I go, would you give us your favorite excerpt from Tiger Fork?

Of course. I hope that by sharing it with other humans, you can help me and Han show them that Roar'dyn are not the beasts they think we are.

On their way to Bo's lair, both men remained silent, though the tension between them was almost tangible. The backs of their hands brushed and they glanced at each other sharply but with underlying lust, then stepped apart.

Han wasn't exactly sure how Bo felt about him coming to his village.

Despite his earlier suspicions and harsh thoughts, Han still had feelings for the handsome man-tiger--Roar'dyn. Seeing him again stirred emotions he'd never felt before. Had he fallen in love with Bo? Was such a thing possible for a human and a man-tiger, especially a pair who had just met?

But he and Bo had shared so much during a short time. If their desire for peace was real, it reinforced their connection and the belief that maybe humans and Roar'dyn weren't so different after all.

Walking through the village, Han saw homes, families, people working together to build a life. He knew other Roar'dyn dynasties, similar to this one, existed, but they were struggling. Dwindling.

He noted most plainly that the village was missing children.

For the first time Han truly understood the Roar'dyn's hatred and fear of humans. He understood their mistrust.

"In here," Bo said gruffly. He placed a hand on Han's lower back and nudged him toward the mouth of a cave.

Inside several glowing stones--a wonder of nature on this planet--provided dim light. Bo guided Han down a short corridor and they turned into a cozy room.

Rugs covered the floor and a blanket rested on top of a bed of leaves.

"You must be tired. I'm sure the guard who brought you didn't allow much time for rest. Are you hungry?"

"No. I wasn't deprived of food, if that's what you're asking."

"Count yourself lucky you didn't end up food for the guard. Or maybe not." A faint smile flirted with Bo's lips. "You're an able fighter."

"I surrendered my tiger fork."

"For peace?"


Bo raised an eyebrow. "Partly?"

"I wanted to find you. I needed to know why you didn't show up. Why I was played for a fool."

"I was the fool! I went to meet you in good faith and found you luring me into an ambush."

"I told you I didn't know I was followed."

"Cordel seemed to believe you. I'm not sure I do."

"Then why am I here, risking my life? Your kind were more apt to kill me than negotiate peace, but I took the chance."

"We have good reason to mistrust you."

"I understand that, but I also know you haven't been completely open with us. You've never talked to us."

"Oh and I'm sure humans have willingly disclosed all their secrets to their enemies?"

"I don't want to be your enemy. I mean us, Bo, not just our people. Do you feel anything for me, or did you just use me to satisfy your curiosity about humans?"

Many emotions flashed through Bo's eyes. Then he wrapped an arm around Han, hauled him close to his big, hard body and covered his mouth in a soul-stealing kiss.

When it broke, he murmured against Han's lips, "Since we parted, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you."

"Nor I, you."

They kissed again, plundering each other's mouths.

Until now, Bo hadn't realized exactly how much he'd missed Han, or how deeply the human had touched him. It had hurt too much to admit, thinking that Han had led him into an ambush. Maybe that was why defenders weren't encouraged to mate, the possibility that love would make them vulnerable.

The men parted just long enough for Han to shed his clothes. Then Bo guided him onto the bed of leaves and positioned him stomach-down. Han rested his head on his folded arms and closed his eyes.

Bo sat back on his heels and stared at Han. He caressed his shoulders and back, loving the ripple of muscles beneath smooth skin.

He leaned down and kissed the back of Han's neck, then he swirled his tongue around the curve of his ear.

Han smiled and said, "Tickles."

"Good," Bo continued, teasing his ear, then he trailed his tongue down Han's spine.

After reading that, I don't know how anyone can think the Roar'dyn are mere beasts.

Before he leaves, Bo shakes my hand and offers a slight smile. He turns and I'm privileged to watch him shift into his feline form. His tiger-striped body disappears in the cover of trees.

I have to leave Bo's world, but I hope the humans and feline shifters can find peace and I hope that no matter what happens between their kingdoms, Bo and Han can find happiness together.

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