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Saturday Book Diver Interviews Jack from Santa’s Slay by Stephanie Burke

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Book Diver! Every weekend I magically dive into fictional worlds to interview fascinating characters.

Usually I talk to my subjects live, however due to an overload of magic after my last interview (you’ll understand why after you experience Jack Frost for yourself), this one was recorded. I provided the intro and finish, but my assistant salvaged and prepared the actual interview, which was nearly destroyed by the excess of cold and hot that caused a glitch during the magical world travel.

Prepare yourselves for the Emperor of Ice. . .Jack Frost!


It’s a cold morning as I make my way to Jack Frost’s ice chateau in the North Pole. On the way, I pass Chris Cringle’s famous (infamous?) North Pole Industries. A business acquaintance of mine, reporter Peter Winston, told me some stories about his world and arranged for me to meet with the ex-lover of Santa himself, the one and only Jack Frost.

I’m a little nervous. From what I’ve heard, Jack is a tough guy and has ways of punishing reporters who get too personal. When Peter talked about it, he actually broke into a sweat and got a faraway look in his eyes. Whether he was lost in a dream or a nightmare I couldn’t be sure, but today I hope to find out.

I’m approaching the chateau now and the structure, made entirely of ice, is magnificent. Jack--even more magnificent-- is standing outside, enjoying the freshly fallen snow. He’s huge--nearly seven feet tall--and pale as the landscape, but with a subtle hint of blue in his smooth skin. His flowing silver-blue hair hangs to his butt. Like the Vikings who wished him into existence, he is powerfully muscled and looks like he can kick some serious ass. He’s wearing knee-high boots and white leather pants that show off his muscular legs. A long duster with no shirt underneath provides a view of his chiseled chest.

Approaching him, I try not to look as nervous as I feel. His silver-gray gaze meets mine and his expression does little to ease my nerves. He invites me to join him in his sitting room and offers me a chair. Jack walks to the picture window and gazes outside, an expression of longing on his face, as if he wishes to be enjoying the snow again.

He doesn’t seem to be a patient man, so I start the interview right away.

SBD: Mr. Frost, thank you for talking to me this morning. Readers are looking forward to hearing your version of the story of Santa and the North Pole. How did you start working for Chris Cringle?

Jack: Ah Chris—[he pauses to smirk at his guest] Such a deliciously twisted mind, that one. From the moment I saw him, outcast from the Elvish clans and seeking revenge, I was taken with him. He was almost dead when he stumbled into my lands, ranting about how he would one day rule them all. That man has an ass that was begging for my roses. You do know what roses are, Young Miss? The marks of possession I leave over his body. Such a beautiful meat puppet he was, dancing at the end of my tether as I gave him the pain he so desired. He screams so well, my Chris. His tears were bitter with anger and determination. When he submits he wallows in agony. How could I not protect such a magnificently sadistic beast? Make no mistake, Chris may have submitted to my lash, but the way he learned to harness pain and strengthen himself from it made him the unstoppable monster he is today.

[The SBD is momentarily speechless. This man is so smooth, so dangerous, so...Usually subjects don’t affect her like this. She regains her control and the interview continues.]

SBD: Umm, where was I? Oh yes. What can you tell us about Yuki Onna?

Jack: [Jack spins around with flourish, a chill wind blowing the tails of his coat around him before a large chare of silver and blue ice forms. He throws himself into the chair, one leg hanging over an arm rest, and stares at his interviewer with piecing silver/ gray eyes.] Yuki is much like Chris was when he was untested, coldly beautiful and undeniably deadly. She is a heartless creature who will seduce and lure anyone to get what she wants. Her true talent is yet untapped, but I have taught her much over the years. [He steeples his fingers under his shin and smirks.] She will be a good ally to Chris. She knows her own mind but is willing to bow her head to a higher strength, meaning both Chris and myself, but I am sure she will create and maintain her own space within the organization. Right now it is in her best interests to do what I say and keep Chris safe. In Japan she spent much of her time alone. Now she will have to learn to get along with our members and help keep upstart Holidays in their place. I am sure many of them will test her sorely. [He eyes his interviewer.] I see a little of that same steel within you, my dear. Yes, strong and supple. You would cry so beautifully for me.

[It takes a great deal of control not to succumb to Jack’s charms. Peter had warned the SBD, but until that moment she hadn’t actually believed in this man’s seductive powers.]

SBD: [Clears throat.] As tempting as that sounds, the Book Diver Magic doesn’t allow me to stay in one world long enough to engage in even a short term relationship. From what I’ve heard, one short hour wouldn’t be nearly enough for your particular methods, Mr. Frost. Peter tells me you’ve recently retired. Why?

Jack: Why not? [He snaps his finger and a wave of cold wind encircles he room, creating frosty abstract shapes on the windows before they disperse into nothing.] I am never ending, child. I have done much and seen much since the first humans began worshiping me and now I feel that it is time I retire from the company of preternatural beings for a time. They are fun to toy with and a delight to fuck, but after a time, they all look the same to me—meat for fucking or for manipulating. And now I have a pet, a delicious little pain slut who suffers so beautifully for me, I think I will spend a time indulging in my baser needs.

SBD: Peter originally came here for a story, but from what I understand he got more than he bargained for. How would you describe Peter and your relationship with him?

Jack: Peter is my hole. I fuck him in any way I can and he begs for more. [He sits up, looking serious before he tilts his head to the side and smiles, exposing his sharp pointed teeth.] I hurt him and he loves me for it. And like any caring master, I see to it that he gets what he needs, even if it’s not what he really wants. You see, the thing with humans is that they really find it hard to decide what they really want. They say one thing and they mean something totally different. But now with Peter under my hand, his only thoughts are to please me. His mind has calmed and he is a lot happier knowing that all he has to do is serve me in any capacity I desire. It may be good discussion over fine dining or it may be him rolling over on his stomach and presenting that beautiful ass for the taking. It is up to him to read my desires and do my bidding before I even have to speak it. Peter is a beautifully complex submissive in body as well as that beautiful mind. I can say only a handful of people have come so close to Chris and North pole Industries that he did so with research and educated guesses... that astounds me. My pet is special.

SBD: Do you think Peter has changed you in any way and have you changed him?

Jack: [He relaxes back into his chair and he stares at his interviewer, a grin pulling at his lips.] I do nothing that he does not desire. It is his role to suffer for me, to obey and give me what I will of his own volition. I keep no slaves in my presence. And my job is to hold him safely in my hands, to be his stability, to care for him and give him the pain he requires to maintain his mental and physical health. Peter has not changed me at all; it is my place to be as unchanging and unrelenting as the winter storm. But under my hand, my precious Pet is learning so much about himself and can finally let go to be what he wants to be, not as human society dictates he should be. Peter never has to ask for my roses. They will always mark him as mine.

[Frost is difficult to read, but it appears that in his way, he cares for Peter. Instinct tells the SBD not too press too deeply with her questions, so she moves on to a lighter topic.]

SBD: What’s your favorite sex toy and why?

Jack: My favorite sex toy is the mind-- so fragile and weak, yet so strong and adaptable. Once I know what is in your mind, your body holds no secrets for me. I can play you like a violin and you would love every second, beg for more, and cry when I tire of you.

SBD: Would you share your favorite except from Santa’s Slay?

Jack: Absolutely. But you must promise not to fall in love with my pet. He is for me and me alone. It pains me to allow this glimpse into our world, but I want you to understand him and his motivations in pleasing me. Showing off my pet is a secondary joy. And it pleases me to make you want him while not allowing you a single touch. [He snaps his fingers and that wild wind returns, this time forming a silvery screen that fills the far side of the wall completely. As he sits up, the screen becomes opaque and a memory begins to play...]

"Says here that you are a bona fide masochist." Jack was trying not to laugh as he watched his new possession squirm. "I so love that about you, Peter. It is okay for me to call you Peter?"

His answer was a gurgle. Not that he expected much from the man, as Jack was currently taking a small, cylindrical urethral sound and sliding it into the head of his penis. He gave the limp flesh in his hand a squeeze that made the man's hips jerk upright, but only a frightened-sounding moan escaped.

Jack liked that about his prey -- the writhing, the moaning, the helpless way they danced about his table... Meat puppets were amusing, and this one was extremely pleasing to his eyes. Peter Winston, with a Masters in journalism from Harvard, was more pleasing than most.

Peter was not an extremely tall man, just hitting the six-foot mark, but he was incredibly fit. His smooth, brown skin covered a layer of muscle that was both gym-built and the product of some good hard work. The man loved to ski and snowboard in the winter and mountain bike and hike in the summer. His hair was kept in neat, tight dreadlocks that he kept trimmed to mid back. His generous mouth was encircled by a thin goatee, and those beautiful brown orbs he called eyes were almost too large for his face. It gave him an almost Elfin look that appealed to Jokul's sadistic nature. No one could cry like an Elf and, as with Elfkind, Peter's huge eyes told more about his emotions than his body or words ever could.

Right now the man was scared and trying to hide it. But underneath that was a growing hunger, a passion for what was happening to his body. Peter was starting to get off on the whole being helpless thing, and that made him an ideal playmate.

"I -- I --" he tried to stammer, then hissed, his hips arching as the short sound slid deeper.

Peter's flaccid shaft was only about five inches long, but Jack knew the man was a grower, not a shower. When Peter was fully erect, Jokul would have nearly nine inches of man meat to play with. But that would not happen so long as the three-inch sound was in place. It made an effective chastity device, endued with cold as it was. It had an adjustable ring that locked around the head of Peter's cock, holding it in place so it could not be dislodged no matter how much Peter squirmed. It was solid black, the fittings a bright gold that looked so good against his dark skin and the flared red/brown head of his dick.

"You are not going to lie to me, are you, Peter?" he asked, his eyes glittering as he glared down at the man. "I know you're not going to deny what you are. Your account at Bound Beasts makes your role in life very clear. That and the fact that your last lover loved to tie you down and deliver spankings as well as pegging your ass with great frequency. How you ever found a woman that skilled with a harness and dildo is a great mystery to me. I understand you broke it off with her because she could not give you exactly what you wanted."

Peter looked shocked at his knowledge, but Jokul knew Chris had always been disgustingly thorough with his investigations. The file he'd handed over to Jokul contained everything that was anything about Peter Winston. His little chip even provided video feed of Peter getting his ass reamed but good and loving the hell out of it.

"J-just ex-exper --"

"Don't lie to yourself," Jokul interrupted, locking the device in place and playfully batting Peter's cock from side to side, watching as it tried to grow hard, the cold in the sounding rod not allowing it to happen. "You started with pinching your thighs to make yourself come harder when you were a teen and went right up to the piercing at the base of your balls you have been denying yourself. I got all the research you have been doing about it, and I may even allow it to happen -- one day. But you are a stone-cold pain slut under the Seville Row suits and your proper use of the English language."

Peter fell silent at that and Jokul smiled again, knowing it unnerved the human to see his bared teeth.

"You like it," he breathed as he moved around the table, reaching up to pinch a pert brown nipple painfully, making Peter gasp as his eyes narrowed in pleasure. "That is why you shave your body bare, so no dominant will find fault with your presentation. That is why you masturbate with nipple clamps. That is why, despite the sound designed to keep your dick limp, it is leaping like an excited puppy every time I do this."

He raked his nails across Peter's chest, deliberately catching his nipple in passing, and watched as the man groaned, his hips rising off the padded table, his balls dancing in their fleshy sac.

"You are a pretty little pain slut, and you will dance for my amusement, boy. And if you please me, I may just let you come."

Now that you have beheld the splendor of my pet, Young Miss, I believe it is time that you take your leave. Watching him so beautiful in is suffering has made me want to seek him out and give him more roses. I trust you can find your way out? [He rises to his feet and waves his hand. The screen disappears and the wall opens up, leading to the outside and the path the reporter traversed to reach his estate. Jack Frost turns and stalks out of the room, his jacket tails waving behind him as he vanishes.]

The magic arrives with a swiftness that hurls the SBD into unconsciousness and nearly destroys the interview. Fortunately the SBD recovered and with hard work, the interview was salvaged.

* * *

SBD: It’s amazing that a man so cold can be so hot. Jack is a dangerous guy, but oh-so-sexy! Talking to him, even for a short time, was worth the magical malfunction.

To find out the full story about Jack and Peter, check out Santa’s Slay by Stephanie Burke.

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