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Saturday Book Diver Interviews Cade Winter from Wolf Run by BJ McCall

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Welcome to the Saturday Book Diver! Every weekend I magically dive into fictional worlds to interview fascinating characters.

It’s a crisp winter morning here in the world of Wolf Run. I’ve just arrived outside the pack security office. On my way to the entrance, I’m captivated by the beauty of the snow-covered forest.

The door opens and a gorgeous, dark-haired muscular man in uniform steps out to greet me. It’s Cade Winter, security officer for his pack. By the set of his lean jaw and the look in his whiskey-brown eyes, he’s ready for this interview.

He leads me inside and while he fills two mugs with coffee, I glance around at the maps on the walls and the paperwork arranged on his desk. Despite the official surroundings, I can’t help feeling comfortable here. Although Cade is a werewolf and a rugged guy, he inspires feelings of safety. I imagine that’s why he’s so good at his job.

Cade offers me a cup of coffee. Then he sits, takes a sip from his mug and waits for me to begin.

SBD: Cade, thank you for talking to me this morning. I’m curious--and I’m sure readers are to--about your job. Would you tell us about what you do here in the pack lands?

Cade:  My job is a combination of a police officer and ranger. I’m trained in law enforcement and wilderness rescue. I’m responsible for the safety of pack members and the preservation of our forest and wildlife. You won’t find litter or pollution here.

SBD:  That sounds like a great line of work. Your pack lands aren’t exactly secluded from the human population. How do werewolves and humans get along around here?

Cade:  The pack has a good working relationship with the local communities. Our officers, firefighters and rescue units lend assistance whenever needed. These mountains are beautiful, but they can be dangerous.

[It’s apparent that Cade is enthusiastic about his job and proud of the work he does.]

SBD: I can imagine. It’s good to know you’re there to help, no matter what species needs assistance. Speaking of humans, you’re not far from the Iverson School in Ridgetop. I heard that recently you and your friend Oliver used your rescue sleds for a rather unusual purpose that had to do with the school. What happened?

Cade:  A storm closed the roads, preventing the annual delivery of presents. Most of the students go home for holidays, but the orphans live at the school year round and I couldn’t let them wake up Christmas morning thinking Santa had forgotten them. Oliver and I gave Santa a little help. We loaded the presents onto our sleds, hitched them behind our snowmobiles and drove them over the summit. The kids got the presents and I got to spend Christmas with Stella. She’s the office manger for Iverson School.

[There’s nothing that warms the heart like a tough guy with a sensitive side.]

SBD: From what I hear Stella is a special lady. What three words do you think describe her best?

Cade:  Beautiful, sexy and hot-scented. I know that sounds strange, but wolves are very attuned to scent.

SBD: Having known my share of werewolves, it doesn’t sound strange at all. It helps humans understand when other species talk about their abilities. What three words do you think Stella would use to describe you?

Cade:  I hope she’d say sexy, good-looking and hot. But friend, lover and mate works just fine.

[I can see why Stella loves this guy.]

SBD: Can you tell us anything about Oliver and Charlotte?

Cade:  My best friend and Stella’s sister, now that was a surprise. They really hit it off. If things get more serious, I know a couple of she-wolves that are really going to be disappointed.

SBD: [Chuckles] I’m sure! Will you give us your favorite excerpt from Wolf Run?

Cade:  The excerpt I’ve chosen should give you an idea what I mean by hot-scented.

Cade set his wine on the end table and cupped her face. Her features were so delicate and her skin was so soft. He prayed he wasn’t misreading the look in her eyes. “Stella.”

He settled his mouth over hers, kissing her gently. When her lips parted beneath his, Cade deepened the kiss. He wanted to pull her into his arms and hold her tight, but Cade needed to gauge her response.

Their tongues touched and Cade molded his mouth to hers. He sensed the increase of her body heat and the subtle change of her scent indicating her arousal. Still, he moved with caution. Werewolves accepted their primal urges, but they were raised to respect their partners and not treat relationships with casual indifference.

Cade lifted his head, breaking the kiss. He took her wine glass and set it next to his. He drew her back into his arms. This time she’d have to make the move. “Stella.”
She placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed him.

Delicious and enthralling, the kiss changed from a gentle exploration into a heated meeting of lips and tongue. She gripped his shoulders, digging her nails into his muscles. Cade cupped her breast and felt the hard nub of her nipple through the soft material of her sweater. The heat of her arousal penetrated his nostrils.

His instincts told him she wanted him, but he had to be sure. It was Christmas Eve, and he was Stella’s houseguest. Tonight wasn’t about only sex and momentary lust. He wanted more than a one-night stand.

Cade cupped her face in his hands and broke the kiss. “I want you, Stella.” He was so hard he hurt. “But I have to ask, how far do you want this to go?”

“Because of what you are?”


Her green eyes sparkled. “Is sex different with werewolves?”

“When I’m in human form, the parts are the same as any man. And no, I won’t shift into a wolf when we make love.” Cade inhaled a deep breath. The heat of her arousal was driving him crazy. If she didn’t want to have sex, he was going to have to go outside and roll around in the snow naked.

Whew! After that excerpt I’ll be glad to step into the winter chill to help cool off.

Cade’s interview is over and it’s time for me to leave the world of Wolf Run. I’m sorry I can’t stay longer because this is a pleasant, cheerful place to visit. I’d like to return one day and hopefully meet more werewolves, but for now I have to go.

It sounds to me like this holiday season has been a great one for Cade, Stella, Oliver and Charlotte. If you’d like the sexy details about what happened on the night of the wolves’ toy run, read Wolf Run by B. J. McCall.

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