Saturday, November 16, 2013

Interview with Quinn DePaul from Haunted by Danni Price

What kind of job do you have?
None at the moment.  I was a stuntman before I died.

Describe yourself in three words.
Charming, sarcastic and frustrated.  The last bit is a recent development.  And it's all because I died in the middle of having sex with this gorgeous blond.  My spirit wants to finish, but I have no body to make it happen. 

Who is your love interest?
In my opinion, the female gender is my love interest, but unfortunately most women can no longer see me.  Virginia can, but I think she likes my best friend Jake better.

Do you like using sex toys?
Sure.  I enjoy anything makes the sex better. There is nothing I love more than to please women in bed.

Top or bottom? 
Doggy actually.  There is something about a woman on all fours in front of me with her back arched just right. It’s like poetry.

Do you have any pets?
Not really.  Unless you count the cockroach who lives under the bathroom sink. 

Whipped cream or Marshmallow?
Chocolate Syrup! The messier the better.

What's your favorite food?
Pecan Pie heated with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  When I was alive, I had to stay in perfect shape, but every once in a while I’d give into my sweet tooth.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Reality TV.  I like Duck Dynasty the best.  It was the second greatest day of my life when I figured out how to press the buttons on the remote. As a bonus, it freaks the cleaning lady out every time she comes in to find the television turned on.

Would you share the blurb from your story?
She took a seat opposite the bed in a blue chair that might once have contained stuffing, but those days were long gone. “Why are you here anyway?”
He flipped onto his back and folded his hands behind his head. “I don’t know. I loved my life.”
She forced herself to look away from his cock. “You must have had some unresolved issue.”
He sent her a lopsided grin. “Did you read that on a cereal box? Come on, you can do better.”
She groaned. “Listen, I’m not much of a medium. I don’t like it, but considering I can hear and now see dead people…”
He slid onto his side, head propped up on one hand, making it that much harder to ignore the giant erection in the room. “Well, that’s fascinating, but like it or not you’re here.”
“Okay, let me think. Do you like being dead?” She toyed with a bit of paper peeling off the top of the particleboard table.
“Is there something you needed to tell someone before you died?” She slammed her hand down on the table to get his attention, but he only yawned. “Is there anything at all that you still give a shit about since you died?”
His eyes focused on her with an almost disturbing level of intensity. “Actually, yes. I always want to have sex. I mean even now with you desperately trying to keep your eyes off my dick. All I want to do is screw you every which way known to man, and then invent some for good measure.”
She pursed her lips and crossed her legs, trying to convey a displeasure she didn’t feel. Her pussy rather liked the idea. “Well, you died with an erection. So I guess that makes sense.”
“No, it’s more than that. I’m horny. That’s true. But when people have sex or even sexual thoughts around me, I feel a little alive.”
She scooted farther back into her chair. “Is that why you touched me last night?”
“You felt it?” His eyes lit up.
“I thought I was dreaming, but yes.”
“Last night something called to me, and there you were. When I possess someone, I end up feeling weaker and black out. But after you…” His gaze dropped to her lips. “I want to touch you again. I want to feel you come like you did last night, but for me.”
She bit the inside of her cheek. “Your unresolved issue might be that you died… Unsatisfied.”
Quinn broke out into loud guffaws, but after a few minutes his laughter died. He sat up cross-legged and faced her. “You know. That isn’t so crazy.”
“Thanks for the confidence.”
“You’re welcome, but we still have one problem.” He pointed at her with a dramatic pause. “I can’t touch myself even to jerk off, much less have sex with a woman. So, how am I supposed to resolve my…” He sent a pointed look to his cock. “Problem.”
She sucked in her bottom lip and dropped her gaze. “Well, I might have an idea, but we would need Jake’s help.”

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