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The Saturday Book Diver Interviews Brabus from Demon Treat by B.J. McCall

Welcome to the Saturday Book Diver, where we travel to fictional worlds to interview fascinating and sexy characters.

Usually the Book Diver interviews are live, but in this special case, our interview with Brabus, a half-human half-demon, has been taped. He agreed to talk to me on All Hallows Eve--no other day. 

I met him at Sweet Evil, a bar in which I saw many frightening and fascinating creatures, the most compelling of which was Brabus himself. 

Tall and lean with wavy black hair and blue eyes, he was stunningly handsome. When he spoke, the hint of an Irish accent added to his appeal.  

I could see his attention was focused on Hekka, owner of Sweet Evil, so I hurried along with the interview.

SBD: Brabus, thank you for talking to me on this special night.

Brabus: I’m always happy to accommodate a beautiful woman.

SBD:  You’re called a Limbo. Would you explain what that means?

Brabus: I’m only half demon. My soul hasn’t been claimed, but there’s little doubt that I’m destined for the fiery depths below.

SBD: I can see that a patron of the bar has captured your interest. Have you and Hekka met before?

Brabus: Not face-to-face, but that’s about to change. Brabus is my demon name, but Hekka is about to meet Lorcan, my human half,. That’s the half that put me in Limbo.

SBD:  What are three things about Hekka that make her so irresistible to you?

Brabus:  She’s blonde and the ways she fills out a dress would spin any guy around, but that’s not what makes her irresistible. She exudes sex and everything about her puts your body on alert. She’s got an edge about her that makes you want to tame her. You know that’s impossible, but she makes you want to try. She’s a hot challenge and you know you’re going to get burned, but she’ll make you enjoy every fiery second.

SBD: Would you share your favorite excerpt from Demon Treat?

Brabus:  I’m pleased to give you a sneak peak. It’s going to be a memorable All Hallow’s Eve.

The sports car hugged the tight turns leading up the mountain. Brabus liked the way the vehicle handled and made a mental note to steal this model again when he needed a set of wheels. He glanced at his passenger, taking in her glorious curves. Two magnificent rides in one night. Sometimes being bad paid off.

"Are you cold? I can blast the heat." Brabus knew a Wicked never got cold, but he had to stay in character and keep her thinking he was just another demon treat.

"I'm fine," she said, placing her hand on his thigh and sliding it toward his crotch.

"So am I."

She cupped his package.

He was instantly hard. Hell, he'd been aching since he'd watched her glide into the club.

She squeezed his cock, then went for his zipper.

Brabus pressed the accelerator. "Darling, things are getting interesting."

She stroked him with soft, knowing fingers and rubbed him with her smooth palm.

A slight tug on his length and the car drifted. Grinning, Brabus straightened the wheels.

On the next turn, she lowered her head and took him into her mouth, searing his skin.

Brabus bit his lip and the sports car slid over the solid yellow line.

I needed to order a cold drink after that one!

By then the Book Diver magic was calling me out of Sweet Evil and the timing was perfect because Brabus was about to approach Hekka. I can only imagine the wicked pleasures they were about to share.

If you want to find out what happened to Brabus and Hekka, check out

Demon Treat by B.J. McCall

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