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The Saturday Book Diver Interviews Draco from Twisted Fate by Jessica Coulter Smith

Welcome to the Saturday Book Diver. Each week we travel to fictional worlds to interview fascinating and sexy characters. It’s been a pleasure being your Book Diver host and I’ll miss traveling to these wonderful fictional worlds, but the magic has run its course and this will be my last interview as your Book Diver.

In this farewell journey, I find myself in the town of Moonspell. I’m seated in the Big Bear Diner waiting for my interviewee. I’ve ordered a cup of coffee and I’m waiting for the waitress, Lacey, to bring me the slice of cherry pie I’ve ordered.

Then he walks in. Tall with black hair and blue eyes, Draco Coldstorm is everything a dragon shifter should be. Handsome and charismatic, he approaches. His gaze rivets to Lacey who is approaching with my pie. The petite blonde waitress draws a visible breath. It’s clear there is something between her and Draco. 

She brings my pie just as Draco takes the seat across from me. She takes his order and the energy between them crackles. Once Lacey walks away, the interview starts.

SBD: Draco, thank you for agreeing to this interview. 

Draco: I was surprised you contacted me, but I’m happy to answer your questions. Within reason of course.

SBD:  You’re a firefighter here in Moonspell. What drew you to such a dangerous job?

Draco: For most guys, is the adrenaline rush. I won’t lie, that has some appeal to me, but the fire calls to me. It’s a living, breathing thing that can be both stunningly beautiful and deadly. I like being the one who makes sure it doesn’t take away someone’s home, livelihood, or life. Wow, that makes me sound like I have a God complex or something, and I don’t.

SBD: If you don’t mind my saying so, it’s obvious there’s something between you and Lacey. What is she to you?

Draco: Lacey is… special. There’s definitely something there, but we haven’t really discussed it yet. She walks into a room and it’s like the everything just falls into place. Seeing her smile is more beautiful than watching the sun rise every morning.

SBD:  Would you describe Lacey in three words?

Draco: Beautiful. Tenderhearted. Intriguing.

SBD: Would you share your favorite excerpt from Twisted Fate?

Draco: I’d be happy to!

Bright and early the next morning had found Lacey at the Big Bear Diner. Mavis, the owner, had been very kind and understanding. She’d taken Lacey under her wing and had offered her a job immediately, even though she didn’t have any experience. The witch had given her a cubby in back to use so she’d stashed her bag and donned an apron before greeting customers with a pad and pen in her hands. Mavis had assured her she’d have a uniform for her in a few days, if she were still around. Once she got into the rhythm of things, the morning ran smoothly.

The smell of coffee and bacon hung heavy in the air. Sunlight filtered through the large front windows making the place look cheery. The customers chatted to one another, and to the waitresses, creating a low hum in the small diner, a sound that was rather pleasing to Lacey’s ears. It had been so long since she’d been in a normal setting like this that she’d forgotten what it was like.

A group of men in matching navy tees came in and took a booth in Lacey’s section. She approached them with a smile and laid down four menus.

“Can I get you something to drink while you look over the menu?” she asked.

The one in the right corner looked up and caught her gaze with his, a blue so dark it was almost navy. A midnight blue to go with his midnight black hair. His jaw sported a five o’clock shadow, but it just added to his sex appeal. That one look pulled her in, made her feel vulnerable, more than she already did. Even though he was seated, she could tell he was tall, much taller than her five-foot-three frame. All of the men were broad chested and had large arms, whether from their job or working out she didn’t know. On closer inspection, she realized their shirts said M.F.D. with a fireman’s logo under it. So, not just hunky men, but heroes. She could use one of those about now, too bad she wasn’t sticking around.

The man next to the one with the intriguing eyes gave her an engaging smile.

“Well, hello, sweet thing. I don’t remember seeing you around town before.”

“I just got here yesterday.” Should she have said that? They probably would’ve found out anyway, what with Moonspell being so small.

“Well, I don’t know where you came from, but their loss is our gain.”

She couldn’t help but smile at the flirt. He was handsome, too, just not as enthralling as the man beside him.

“My name’s Rafael, and if you need anything while you’re in our fair town, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Wow, he really laid it on thick, didn’t he? She might’ve been locked up when she was sixteen, but she still remembered flirting. With his dark hair and even darker eyes, she imagined he tempted more than one woman in this small town. But he just didn’t do anything for her.

“I’m Lacey.”

“Lacey, these are my friends.” He pointed to the two men across from him. “Reece and Tarian are brothers, and next to me is Draco.”

“Like in Harry Potter?” She slapped a hand over her mouth. What had possessed her to say such a thing?

The men snickered and Draco glowered.

“I had my name long before that book came out,” he said softly, his voice a deep rumble that sent pleasant tingles through her.

“Don’t worry. He isn’t an evil wizard,” Rafael assured her with a grin.

“We’ll all take iced tea,” Tarian said, coming to her rescue. “And I’m pretty sure we all want the breakfast special.”

The men all nodded and she notated their selection on her pad before hurrying away. She felt someone’s gaze on her as she walked off and fought the urge to turn and look over her shoulder. Something told her it was Draco. She’d had a boyfriend or two, but she’d been without male companionship for so long -- unless the guards and doctors counted -- that she’d forgotten what it was like to be around men. The firemen seemed nice. Maybe being in Moonspell for a few days wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

It’s been a pleasure meeting Draco and Lacey. I look forward to seeing how their story turns out and I’m sorry to be leaving their fictional world so soon. However the Book Diver magic is calling me back to my own world for the last time. I can still find out what happens to Draco and Lacey. You can too. Just check out

Twisted Fate by Jessica Coulter Smith

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