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Bonnie and Clive by Kate Hill

Bonnie and Clive
by Kate Hill
cover art by Karen Fox
ISBN: 978-1-60521-281-4
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Length: Novella


Some days just don't go according to plan.
Jumping into the getaway car of the man who had just robbed the bank where she worked wasn't on Bonnie's list of things to do when she got up in the morning. Nor did she intend to fall deeply in lust -- with a satyr.

Clive Hornycliff is a supernatural law officer, on a mission in the mortal world. When his path crosses that of a human woman looking for action, he's unable to resist sweeping her into his world. Now he's got a new mission -- proving to Bonnie that no mere mortal can satisfy her the way a horny satyr can.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The day started out as usual. Her alarm rang, she rolled out of bed still half asleep and hauled her butt into the shower. Then she dressed, swallowed a cup of strong coffee and drove to the bank.
To Bonnie banking placed among the most boring jobs on the planet. The same transactions day after day. The same people, coworkers and customers who only saw her work face. Deep inside she believed everyone put on a show. All people had dirty little secrets, didn't they? They had desires that were too personal to talk about, even with their friends.
Bonnie was sure most people assumed her life was just fine. She had a good job and dated when she felt like it. If she wanted a night out but wasn't in the mood for romantic hassles, she tossed back a few beers with her coworkers after the bank closed.
It was a good life but lately she was so bored she'd considered doing something risky like bungee jumping or swimming with sharks.
Then in moments everything changed. Just before closing time at the bank, a guy came in. Even if he hadn't been wearing a ski mask she would have noticed him. Hell, you hardly ever saw a man built that fine who wasn't into mixed martial arts or something like that. Tall, lean and dressed in black from head to toe, he strode past Bonnie's desk and she caught the scent of herbal cologne. A gentleman bank robber.
He had broad shoulders and incredibly long legs. Best of all was the enticing bulge of his cock straining against his snug black pants. She imagined tracing the shape of it with her fingertips, unzipping him and feeling his stiff, satiny cock in her hand.
Just thinking about it had her pussy drenched with passion and her nipples pebble hard beneath her conservative clothes. She squirmed in her chair, trying to soothe that frustrating ache in her clit.
Glancing around at the panicked faces of customers and staff, she realized she was the only one grinning.
"Everyone get facedown on the floor," the robber ordered in a deep, calm voice sexy enough to curl a woman's toes. "Except for the tellers. Stay standing and keep your hands on the counters please."
He approached the teller line with quick, sure strides. Strangest of all he didn't request bills.
Bonnie lifted her head slightly and watched him sort through each teller's coins until he finally took what looked to be a silver dollar and held it up to the light.
"Thank you," he said to the teller, bowed his head almost gallantly to her then ordered her and the other tellers to lie down behind the counter. No one was to move for ten minutes.
What kind of freak robbed a bank and only took a single coin? He walked toward the door and Bonnie lifted her head again. At that moment her gaze locked with the robber's and she felt as if someone had just dipped her into a pool of warm, scented water. This guy made her pussy flood just from looking at her. Her heart pounded at the thought of what he could do to her with a kiss, a touch and best of all with a long, hard fuck. Or even a quickie. Have mercy, she wanted to see that body of his naked. She found an almost odd excitement in this incident. Yes, it scared the hell out of her, yet at least it was a change from the almost unbearable monotony of everyday life.
He paused a moment. His sapphire eyes blinked once, slowly, then he shook his head the slightest bit, as if waking himself from a daydream. Her belly tightened. Had he been thinking dirty thoughts about her too?
The robber continued across the lobby, his long strides swallowing the carpeted floor. Then he exited through the glass doors.
At that moment Bonnie made her move. She stood and bolted toward the door in spite of protests from a few of her coworkers. It was as if a madness had overtaken her. This was freedom.
No, it's a good way to go to jail.
Even that thought didn't stop her. She continued after him, the pull almost magical.
It was dusk on an autumn night, so everything was pretty dark. This particular bank office stood on a lonely stretch of road in a rural town. No wonder the place had been robbed.
Around the corner she saw the robber sliding into the front seat of a black car. Without hesitation, she ran toward him. He glanced at her, a surprised expression in his eyes, and grasped her arm. His strong fingers bit into her flesh and again her heart skipped a beat. She'd probably made a huge mistake, yet this was the best she'd felt in years.
Excitement and arousal coursed through her.
"Get out of here, lady," he growled and shoved her away from the car. He slammed the door and started the engine, but just before he sped off, Bonnie leapt into the back seat.
"What the hell are you doing?" he bellowed.
"Just drive!"
He turned and stared at her with those stunning eyes and though he still wore the mask, something told her he was smiling.

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