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Nighttime Magic by Marilyn Lee

Nighttime Magic
by Marilyn Lee

cover art by Sahara Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-60521-285-2
Series: Bloodlust

After a break-up with a controlling lover, forty-three-year-old Neely Little John finds herself stranded on a dark country road being pursued by a stalker. A tall, dark stranger comes to her rescue and Neely falls into instant lust. But what are the chances the young hunk is interested in an older woman?
Twenty-nine-year-old half-blood vampire Dimitri Dumont has obsessed over Neely Little John from afar and wondered if she might be his bloodlust -- his perfect mate. Determined not to make the mistake of choosing a mate too early in life, as he fears his father did, he flees from Neely after one night of incredible sex. In his struggle to forget her, he's driven into his Feast of Indulgence. He'll emerge from his Feast a full-blood vampire, hungry to claim Neely as his own -- even if he has to take her by force.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The stranger turned to face her. "I'll take you home."
"Are you... he stabbed you... do you need help?"
"There was blood on the knife. I saw it in the glow of the flashlight."
"I'm not hurt."
Did she dare ask why he wasn't injured?
"Not unless you're ready to suspend disbelief," he said softly.
He'd read her thoughts.
As you read mine. Let's make a deal. I'll stay out of your head if you stay out of mine. He projected the thought directly into her mind.
Neely sucked in a breath. She'd never encountered anyone who could probe her thoughts. She wasn't sure she liked the feeling.
Does anyone?
She tore her gaze away from his to glance at the man laboring to breathe on the ground. "What about him? Shouldn't we do something to help him?"
"He can thank you for my sparing his miserable life -- at least for the moment."
"For the moment?"
"Don't push it. I'm not lifting a finger to help him." He swung around to lean over the other male. "If I were you, I'd never darken her path again. If you do, there's nothing short of the power of God that will keep me from giving you a very slow, very painful death. In fact, if I think about it long enough, that's exactly what I'll give you."
The man cowered and raised a trembling hand to his face. He was clearly terrified. Watching, Neely felt sorry for him.
Her rescuer turned to face her. "Don't waste your sympathy on him. I'll take you home."
She frowned. "How?"
He nodded over his shoulder. "My vehicle is parked at the end of the road beyond the field."
She hesitated. "I can't see it."
"It's there." He moved into the glow of the flashlight, providing a glimpse of his face. Like the other male he wore all black. The black garb, which had been frightening on her would-be attacker, was sexy on him. He stared at her from a handsome face with dark eyes. He wore his dark hair short. She guessed he was roughly half her age, which made him far too young to have any sexual interest in a jobless, man-less forty-three-year-old.
Even as she told herself not to allow her sexual needs to control her, her rescuer's air of confidence combined with an underlying streak of tenderness sent a rush of anticipation through her.
"You have no need to fear me."
It was a misty, moonless Halloween night. He'd appeared out of nowhere. She'd watched him lift and hold an adult male several inches above the ground with no apparent effort. He'd practically ignored the vicious stab wound to his back. She sensed a level of power in him she feared he might not hold under complete control. Yet attraction overshadowed any fear. She nodded slowly. "I know."

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