Monday, August 10, 2009

Vampire Kisses Collection by Michele Bardsley

Vampire Kisses (Collection)
by Michele Bardsley
cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-224-1
Genre(s): Paranormal, Collections
Theme(s): Vampires
Length: Collection


A Vampire for Every Season!

Christmas for Eve: Much to the envy of her friends, Eve Moore is dating erotica author Adora LaFortune, bestselling author of Swelter, AKA Steven Jones, horror novelist. This holiday season, she's ready to give Steven her heart along with her presents. Then she finds out that Swelter isn't exactly fiction, and her true love isn't exactly mortal.

Candy for Valentine: When Valentine Carter attends her first romance conference, she soon learns that "The Blog Bitch" reaps what she sows. Renowned book publicist Michael Sanderson is a vampire. He mistakenly believes that the lovely morsel trussed up in his hotel room is a gift from his friends. After an evening with the delicious Valentine, he decides he wants to keep her. Forever.

Treats for Trixie: At Steven Jones's annual Halloween party, wanna-be romance writer Trixie Lulabelle Jameson is excited to be among the elite of the publishing industry. Literary agent Marcus Moravius is one of the oldest vampires in existence, and very used to getting what he wants. And the only treat he wants to nibble on tonight is Trixie.
This collection contains the three previously released novellas Christmas for Eve, Candy for Valentine, and Treats for Trixie.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Take Me Away is a waste of cheap paper. It's so damned bad I wouldn't line a hamster cage with its pages. Dearest readers, if Madra Milton's latest work is in your TBR pile, then use it for kindling -- a nice fire is about the only pleasure you'll get out of it."
Eve Moore finished reading the latest post on The Blog Bitch and sighed. Leaning over the shoulder of her friend Val Carter -- who was the bitch in question -- she tapped the screen. "Is it just me or do you like being mean?"
"Duh. Mean is fun. Besides, I pay good money for these novels. If they disappoint me, I have a right to say so." Val logged off and shut down her laptop.
"Oh, please. You're a used bookstore slut and an almost permanent fixture at the library," said Eve. "When's the last time you bought a new book?"
"Yesterday." Val pushed away from the tiny desk and stood up. She grinned. "Adora LaFortune's Midnight Mask. "
"You didn't! Val... no."
"Oh, yes. I'm saving it for my Holiday Hell Reads. Merry fucking Christmas, baby."
Eve grimaced. Lately, Val had gotten more delight out of trashing than out of reading romance novels. Not even her favorite authors were immune from her vitriol.
"It seems ironic that a woman named Valentine can't find anything nice to say about love, romance, intimacy or the books that celebrate those emotions."
Val shrugged. "Just because I'm named Valentine doesn't mean I have to buy in to the whole concept of soul mates and happily-ever-afters." She looked at Eve. "Just because you're dating Adora doesn't make her immune from The Blog Bitch. How is ol' Steven Jones, anyway?"
Eve was relieved at her friend's change of tone. She was tired of arguing with her about books and blogs. "Almost finished with his next book. He makes more money writing erotic romances as Adora, but his first love is the horror genre."
"Good thing I don't review horror books. C'mon. Let's get some wine."
Eve followed Val from the bedroom into the apartment's small kitchen. Val retrieved the bottle of blackberry merlot from the fridge.
"I don't know how the man researches his horror novels," said Eve, as she watched Val pour the wine, "but what we do for the erotica is fun."
"Hmm. He doesn't come out during the day, he doesn't like junk food, he's a wine snob, and the dude needs a tan." Val grinned. "Obviously, he's a vampire."
"For a man who's undead he sure doesn't mind garlic," said Eve. "Besides, he collects crosses. You should see his house. Seems like every wall has some sort of cross or crucifix on it."
"Are you sure there's not anything wrong with him? You've reached the three-month mark, which is a record for you." Val gave her a glass of blackberry merlot then leaned against the counter. "You're usually bored or pissed off with a guy within thirty days."
"I like Steven. I feel like I've known him forever." She sipped the wine then looked beseechingly at her friend. "Do you have to blog about Midnight Mask?"
"Oh, please! You didn't protest this much when I blogged about Swelter, which was your favorite Adora book of all time. Of course, that was before you met the almighty book god and started boinking him."
Startled at Val's vehemence, Eve frowned. "That's not fair."
"You used to think The Blog Bitch was funny as hell until you got mixed up with Steven. Now, all I hear about is how much blog snark hurts the feelings of authors and how there's this huge double standard. So what if authors can't snark back without looking like assholes? Who cares?"
"You should care. And so should other readers." She sighed. "The blog was your therapy. The divorce was hard on you and you needed the escape. But it's been a year, Val. Don't you think you should try to have a life?"
"I have a life. It's called The Blog Bitch." She chugged down the rest of the merlot and put the empty glass on the counter. Then she glared at Eve. "At least my fans love me."
"Cold comfort." Eve sucked in a calming breath. Her friendship with Val had been faltering and she didn't know why. "Honey, all you do is work then come home to read and to blog. It's pathetic."
Val stood stiffly, her fists clenched, her eyes flashing with anger. "Stop judging the way I live my life. Hell, you were just like me before you met Steven. Not everyone gets the hunky, smart, rich guy."
Hurt, Eve turned around and poured the rest of her wine into the sink. She rinsed the glass, then turned off the water and faced her friend. She didn't want to think that her friendship with Val was disintegrating completely, but it sure as hell felt that way. "Will you be home tomorrow?"
"It's Christmas Eve," said Val with a sigh. "Where else would I be?"
Eve's heart went out to her friend. Val was an only child. Her parents had died years ago in a car accident. She had no one with whom to celebrate the holidays. It was one of the things that had drawn them together. Eve had no siblings either, and her parents had died when she was ten. She'd been raised by a grandmother who had passed away two summers ago. "Are you sure you don't want to come to Steven's house? We'll have plenty of food and alcohol. He bought every Christmas movie ever made. It'll be fun."
"Three's a crowd." Val flashed a tired smile. "But thanks."

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