Monday, August 31, 2009

Myths and Legends by Judy Mays

Myths and Legends (Collection)
by Judy Mays

cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-230-2
Genre(s): Paranormal, Dark Fantasy
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Dark Desire
Length: Collection

Myths...Legends...What is true? What isn't?
Deep in the Central American jungles beings roamed freely -- half human, half cat. For three such cats, a jaguar, a puma, and an ocelot, life is easy and uncomplicated -- until humans cross their paths -- specific humans, humans who will need their help, their protection, their love.
Balam, Karak, and Raina must choose between the uncomplicated life denizens of the jungle lead or a life with a human with all its complications.
Sanika, Mireya, and Hans must also make a choice, one that is far harder and more uncertain. Can each of them find it in themselves to love a being that is more than human, that is half animal?
Myths...Legends...What is love? What isn't?
This collection contains the previously released novellas Jaguar, Puma, and Ocelot.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The roar of a hunting jaguar woke Balam from his light doze. Lifting his head, he sniffed the wind. The big cat was heading away from the village. Good. He didn't want to confuse the inhabitants with two jaguars.
Controlling his own urge to roar -- to do so would only bring the hunting jaguar to see who was invading his territory -- Balam turned his head toward the setting sun. Time to go.
Rising, he stretched, extending each limb, stretching each toe, unsheathing each long, sharp claw. He yawned, then licked his jowls, sweeping his tongue over each curved canine. Looking down, he surveyed the ground beneath him. The branch where he rested was twelve feet high -- not much of a leap.
After one last stretch, he rolled off the tree limb and landed lightly in the underbrush. A peccary mother squealed with fear and hustled her brood away.
Balam ignored her. He had other prey to hunt. Tail lashing, he trotted toward the village. The priest's sacrifice would not have the outcome he planned.
As the sun set, a woman's angry scream reverberated through the trees.
* * *
"Release me, you hairy sons of Takom bloodfish!" Scraping her naked ass against the rough stone of the altar, Sanika squirmed away from the men trying to capture her legs. She jerked against the coarse, braided rope that bound her wrists above her head. Sweat caused by the heat from the torches and heavy humidity in the air beaded on her forehead and between her naked breasts.
The odor of pungent incense hovered over the flat top of the hill.
"Fucking bitch. You will not ruin my sacrifice," the priest growled through gritted teeth. Then, to the larger of his assistants, "Lie on her if you must. Keep her still!"
The muscular body of the older acolyte fell across her waist, and the acrid stench of unwashed man mixed with the scent of the incense.
Cruel fingers pinched the tender skin on the inside of her thigh. "Where's the girl?"
Gagging, Sanika spat, "You'll never get your filthy hands on her. She will not be subjected to your bloodthirsty perversions. I'll never tell you where she is."
A faint roar echoed from beneath the trees. Somewhere, a jaguar hunted.
His glance toward the darkening jungle earned the youngest acolyte a blow from her heel on the fleshy part of his shoulder. Grimacing, he rubbed it and said, "She speaks the truth, Dloto. We can't get the girl prepared in time now. What will we do? The gods demand a sacrifice."
A fat hand slapped Sanika's thigh against rough stone. "Goddess whore. You'll take the place of the girl you released."
Sanika kicked at him, momentarily freeing her foot. "I'm a consecrated priestess. The people won't allow it."
Sneering, Dloto pinched her again. "Do you think they'll care? The rains haven't come. Their crops are more important to them than you are. Besides, what more fitting sacrifice is there than a priestess?"
A loud oof burst from Dloto's mouth when her foot connected with his soft belly. The fat priest released her and doubled over. "Bitch. Guaar! Ruderr! Tie the fucking slut down."
Monotone chanting wafted up the cone-shaped hill from the crowd surrounding its base. Deep, rhythmic beating from the drums joined in.
The chanting grew louder as Sanika jerked her hands against her bonds. If she could roll off the side of the altar, maybe she could get free. Sticky moisture trickled down her arms.
Vicious fingers stabbed between her legs and buried themselves inside of her.
Shocked, she froze.
"Tie her down now!" Dloto commanded as he twisted his fingers.
Sanika's internal muscles shuddered when a fingernail scraped delicate flesh as she tried to jerk her hips away. Her legs were jerked apart and tied down.
The priest dug his fingers deeper.
Clenching her teeth against Dloto's painful probing, she sneered, "Get your hands off me!"
Leering down at her, Dloto ignored her command and shoved a third finger inside of her, twisting, turning, pumping. "Do you like how that feels? You, who have dedicated yourself to the pleasures of the body," he spat. "You are nothing more than a prostitute, one who has misled the people with your false teachings. The goddess's priestesses spread their thighs for any man who asks."
Dloto slid his fingers from her body and began to massage her clit.
Shocked at the sudden change, Sanika gritted her teeth against a moan. His touch had become gentle, enticing.
Dloto's leer became an evil chuckle. "Do you like being fucked, Priestess? You enjoy having a man's cock buried inside of you. It's what you've been trained for."
Stomach muscles contracting, Sanika glared at him, refusing to answer his taunts.
"You must like being fucked considering you will spread your legs for any man who comes into the temple." The priest grinned. "You'll die as you lived, Priestess. My acolytes and I will all fuck you before you're sacrificed."
Closing her eyes, Sanika bit her lip. The priest's fingers continued to caress and tease. She felt moisture trickle.
No! This couldn't be! Her body could not betray her, not with this, this pig.
"You're getting wet." Chuckling, Dloto smoothed her moisture along her hairless mons. "Your body is so well-trained, responding to my slightest touch. Tell me, Priestess, do you like being dominated, tied down to be fucked? Made prisoner to the desires of men?" He picked up his blue sacrificial knife of volcanic glass and trailed the dull side down Sanika's body. "My touch excites you. Your body hungers for my cock. Will you enjoy having my cock rammed into your tight ass?"
Sanika spit in his face.
The villagers at the base of the hill began to stamp their feet and sway. The drums grew louder.
Again, the roar of the jaguar echoed from the jungle. It hunted closer.

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