Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday's New Reviews for Changeling Press

Congratulations to our authors!

New Review - SEX, CHOCOLATE, VIDEOTAPE - Mary Winter

Four Hearts from The Romance Studio


Mary Winter gives us a totally erotic romance with a unique form of shifter.  This is one of those stories that reinforces the concept that good things can come in any kind of package!


http://theromancest reviews/reviews/ sexchocolatewint er.htm


New Review - LAST CALL EUROPE: FAERY DUST - Mina Carter

Five Hearts from the Romance Studio


Mina Carter writes a tantalizing tale. It's fun to see the way the author develops their characters and their night of lust with some interesting additions to the boudoir. This is a well told tale that's a lot of fun to read.


http://theromancest reviews/reviews/ faerydustcarter. htm


New Review - BONNIE AND CLIVE - Kate Hill

Five Hearts from The Romance Studio


Kate Hill pens a great love story between two people who know they have great sex in common. Each character is lovingly built amidst some great eroticism.


http://theromancest reviews/reviews/ bonnieclivehill. htm


New Review - BAD ANGELS: BURN - Belinda McBride

Five Hearts from Love Romances & More

I loved this book because it started off with a bang! This is a must read! Hold on to your hat, this story burned me in the best way.


http://loveromances andmore.blogspot .com/2009/ 08/bad-angels- burn-by-belinda- mcbride.html


New Review - BLOOD AND FIRE - Mychael Black

Reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed


.a deeply sensual and seductive tale.  Blood and Fire oozes sexual tension making this a great page turner with a fun, kick ass ending.


http://www.joyfully reviewed. com/reviews/ Aug09/bloodandfi re.MB.html



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