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Shifter Sisters Collection by Sierra Dafoe

Shifter Sisters (Collection)
by Sierra Dafoe

cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-248-7
Genre(s): Paranormal, Humor & Satire, Collections
Theme(s): Ménage, Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters, BBW
Length: Collection

One's a canine. One's a cat. And one's a vampire who hates the sight of blood. Together, they're the Shifter Sisters, a hard-rocking band of misfits who stand by each other when the chips are down -- no matter how much the fur might fly the rest of the time!

Luna, the band's drummer and a werewolf by birth, has a talent for hooking up with men who only let her down -- until a sexy Irish songwriter convinces Lu she's finally found The One. But how are you supposed to land the man of your dreams when you really do turn into a bitch at "that time of the month"? And can you ever find love while hiding half of who you are?

Tori hasn't exactly had a great time with men, either -- in fact, the last time she let a man steal her heart, she went to his bed a virgin and woke up a vampire. Now, though, she's being pursued by a wealthy, mysterious stranger, and Tori finally has to admit she's tempted. But what is up with Drake Foster? One minute, he's charming and witty; the next, he's arrogant, demanding, and even sexier than before. Is he just one more supernatural bastard out to fuck with her life -- or has Tori, all unwittingly, found two new chances at love?

Furious that Tori got the man she wanted, Persia is determined to find a beau who can outshine even Drake Foster. Which won't be easy; he'll have to be handsome, suave, sexy, romantic, powerful -- and rich. In the meantime, there's young, luscious Billy Gruff, a perfect consolation for her wounded pride. But when Billy takes her home to meet his brothers, Persia finds herself with an abundance of mouthwatering choices... enough choices to cool even this keyboard-playing kitten's wanderlust!

This collection contains the previously released novellas Sex and the Single Werewolf, Once Bitten, Twice Shy, and Stray Cat Strut.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

The stage lights beat down. Everything beyond them was a haze. Lu’s sticks blurred on the drums as she drove the beat behind Tori’s bass line. She lived for this, the rhythm pounding in her blood, her body totally immersed in the needs of the music, her mind disengaged, floating, silent…
Man, she loved it when they did Melissa Etheridge with Tori’s strong contralto belting out the lyrics and Persia filling in riffs on the keyboard. The audience stomped, whistled, and burst into applause as Tori brought the song to a close.
“Thank you! Thank you, everyone!”
Lu’s leather wristbands kept her hands pretty dry, but the sweat was rolling into her eyes, stinging. She shook her head sharply, sending beads of sweat flying, then paused to push her shaggy brown hair back from her face -- and saw Persia sidle out from behind the keyboard, sliding the strap of her bubblegum-pink Stratocaster over her head.
Oh, Christ. Here we go again.
Sure enough, the all too familiar rockabilly riff sang out through the smoky nightclub. Lu scowled at Tori who rolled her eyes resignedly before picking up the bass line. Sighing her exasperation, Lu picked up her sticks as Persia moved to the center mike and launched, for the gazillionth time, into the Stray Cats’ signature song.
“I don’t bother chasing mice around…”
Persia’s breathy, Marilyn-esque purr invariably got on Lu’s last nerve. That shit was tired three decades ago -- but damned if the guys in the crowd didn’t still lap it up, wolf-whistling and cheering as Persia strutted and preened, her curvy little body jiggling in all the right places.
Those same men falling all over the platinum-blonde sex kitten never seemed to notice her, Luna thought. Well, the hell with them, anyway. Not every guy in the world was intimidated by her height, or her bulging drummer’s biceps. Some guys even liked them.
Rick, for example.
Lu could feel herself grinning like an idiot, but she didn’t care. While one part of her mind kept the beat moving behind Persia’s baby-doll croon, the rest was busy picturing Rick’s naked body, with his weightlifter’s arms that made hers look downright scrawny, his broad, ripped torso and thick, insistent cock.
Oh, yeah. That man could fuck like a steam train. And if she was lucky…
Tori’s warning glance brought her back to the present, and Lu realized abruptly she was lagging behind on the beat. Turning her attention back to her kit, Lu dropped to a simple two-click while Persia pinched out a half-assed guitar solo.
Jesus! Why couldn’t she just stick to the keyboards, for Christ’s sake? Not that the crowd seemed to care, Lu thought sourly. She’d seen Persia wrap men around her little finger so tight it was a wonder they didn’t squeak. And there she was, at it again, rolling her shoulders and fluttering her lashes, letting go of the guitar long enough to trail a hand down her plump little thigh as she sang the last chorus.
Lu brought her sticks down with a crash, then flipped them to feather out a hiss on the high hat as the male portion of the audience, at least, roared its approval. Persia winked and threw them a kiss as Tori stepped back up to the microphone.
“Thank you! We’re the Shifter Sisters, everybody! Thank you and good night!”
The stage lights went out. Lu reached for her sports bottle and squirted water down the back of her neck as Tori started unplugging cords and Persia, characteristically, wandered down off the stage to be swallowed immediately by a throng of fans.
“There she goes again.” Luna nodded toward the crowd.
“God damn it!” The raven-haired bass player looked up in exasperation. “Persia!”
Persia glanced back, waved airily, and disappeared toward the bar. Tori scowled after her, her hands propped on her slender hips. “Well, she better come back for her keyboard. I am not lugging that damn thing out to the van for her again.”
“Yeah,” Lu snorted, “you always say that.” Ignoring Tori’s glare, she stood, stretched, and wiped the sweat from her neck before starting to break down her kit.
By the time she had her drums and cymbals packed away in their cases, the house lights were on and Persia had returned with a trio of burly, grinning college boys she’d recruited to haul her equipment for her. They carried everything out to the dock and loaded the keyboard and mike stands into the van as Persia flounced, managing to look incapable of carrying so much as a microphone. Disgusted, Lu muscled her drums into the van by herself while the boys hovered around Persia like bees around honeysuckle.
More fools they if they think she’ll even give them the time of day.
Lu grinned. Persia was like one of those hair-loss commercials -- always promising way more than she ever delivered. But, just like the faux products the commercials advertised, the men kept buying, and buying…
What the hell was it about that damn chubby blonde, anyway? Not that she’d ever want to be like Persia! Yeech. The very thought made her hackles stand up. But still…
Lu sighed. It’d be nice to have a guy falling all over her like that.
Tori shoved her Fender’s case behind the seat, looked over at Persia with a grimace, and turned back to Lu. “You coming?”
“No, I, uh… I think I’ll walk home.”
Tori raised an eyebrow, then glanced out at the moonlight pouring down just beyond the loading dock. “You sure? It’s kind of late.”
Lu shrugged. “It’s not that late. Besides, I’ll strangle her if I come home now.”
“Be my guest,” Tori muttered, slamming the back doors of the van shut. “Persia!”
Persia neatly sidestepped her eager entourage as Tori slid behind the wheel of the van and ducked into the passenger’s seat. She waved gaily to the boys as the van pulled out. “Goodnight, sweeties!”
They waved back, grinning -- too dumb, in Lu’s opinion, to even resent being used. Jesus!
Disgusted, she turned on her heel and walked away.
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