Friday, August 14, 2009

Carnevale by Selena Illyria

by Selena Illyria

Cover art by Sahara Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-60521-279-1
Genre(s): The Fetish Club, Sci-Fi
Theme(s): Interracial
Series: Hades' Helmet Crew
Length: Novella

Masks, abduction, seduction, the biting grip of leather. What more could Hades' Helmet crew member Anarrae ask for?
During shore leave on the hedonistic planet of Il Doge, she gets swept away in their festive revelry and into the arms of surrender. What will happen when she has to walk away?


“I know you're in charge, love, but I want you to kiss me, taste me. Just let go and do what you feel. Don't worry. I can take anything you dish out. Give me pain and pleasure. Give me heaven and fire. I'm all yours.” His voice was low, edged in roughness. He took hold of the leather bonds and laid his head back on the pillow.
She stilled and her breath caught in her throat as she watched him surrender to her control and desires. He trusted her; she was awed. Dodger arched his back and thrust his hips upward, digging his heels into the mattress. His cock jutted upward as if he was begging for her mouth there where he needed her most. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. Her mouth watered to taste him.
Anarrae didn't hesitate. She quickly secured the straps just enough to bite into his flesh without risking his circulation. He groaned.
“Does that hurt?” she asked, double-checking.
“No, no, feels good. Tie me down, love, and make me yours. Mark me.” He turned his head and arched his neck, as if begging for her bite. Her pussy tingled as need took her. She wanted to give him that sweet kiss of pain.
Ana climbed on the bed and threw one leg over his chest. Goddess, he was hot, so hot, he should be burning up.
“Lie back down. Let me have my way,” she urged softly. He turned his face back toward her. She gazed into his pale green eyes. Ana shook her head. A moan slipped past her lips when she felt the slide of his skin against her thighs as he lowered himself back to the bed. His cock left a trail of stickiness just over her ass, evidence of his need for her.
She couldn't wait to have him inside but they needed protection. “Condom?”
“Top drawer next to the bed. Hurry,” he urged. “Need to be inside of you.”
Ana reached over and took out the box of condoms. Extracting one, she quickly ripped open one of the packets and moved down his body to roll on the sheath. Once on, she resumed her previous position of straddling his waist.
“Kiss me, love. Let me taste your lips,” Dodger requested.
She couldn't deny him. Ana lowered her head and brushed the lightest of touches on his lips. She slid lower to straddle his legs and could reach between them to take hold of his cock. He lifted his head and pressed his mouth to hers while pushing his hips upward. His heated length slid into her hand. It shocked her how hot he was. She squeezed him, causing his lips to part. Anarrae didn't hesitate in slipping her tongue into the moist, humid cave of his mouth. She explored his teeth, tickled the roof of his mouth while contracting and relaxing her hand around his thrusting cock.
Dodger groaned as the kiss took on a passionate dimension. She nipped his lips, soothing the soft flesh with a few licks before doing it again. His hips moved faster, increasing the friction against her palm. His shaft twitched and he moaned into her mouth before dropping his head back.
“So close, love, so very close. Let me be inside you, please,” he begged.
“Not yet.” Anarrae kissed him softly before moving down his body. She let go of his cock and blazed a path of nips, licks and kisses along his neck, shoulder, across his collarbone and down the center of his chest.
She didn't stop moving until she knelt between his legs. Ana gazed at the wide expanse of his tanned flesh. His pierced nipples were flushed a dark red. She blew on the buds before licking one and tugging the other gently between finger and thumb. Dodger lifted his chest. He pulled on the leather restraints. The soft creak of leather mingled with his heavy breathing.
“Please, love… Anarrae, I can't take it. Fuck me. Let me be inside of you.” He thrust his hips forward his cock slid along her stomach.
“Not yet. I want to explore you,” she murmured before taking his nipple between her teeth and pulled gently.
He cried out. “Ana!” His cock jumped, hitting her stomach.
She flicked his nipple before sucking it into her mouth.
“Fuck!” His body jumped and he moaned. Ana released his nipple and moved on to the other one, showing it the same treatment. She trailed her free hand down his body, took hold of his cock again, and stroked the heated flesh slowly this time.
“Goddess, you torture me,” he groaned.
She released his nipple and looked up at him. “Do you want me to stop?” She smiled, knowing full well he wouldn't ask.
He blinked at her. “Why would I ask you to stop something you're clearly enjoying? That I'm loving? I just want you to fuck me.”
Anarrae laughed. A husky sound that was foreign to her.
“You are enjoying torturing me, aren't you?” he asked. His heated gaze bore into her.
“Torturing? I wouldn't call it that, but yes, I am enjoying what I'm doing to you,” she replied huskily.
“Then continue this deliciousness, please, lo adoro. Let me please you by being your bound slave.”
“Slave? I don't want you to be my slave.” Her hand faltered on his cock and stilled just under the wide helmet.
“But I am, love. You have enslaved me with your beauty and seductive ways. I don't want to be released.” His lips quirked into a smile.
“Pretty words from a con man,” she chuckled.
“Not a con man. Not for you. I am your guide into pleasure. Consider me your bound servant and your partner in desire.”
She laughed again and resumed stroking his cock. “I don't have an adequate response so let me continue giving you pleasure.”
He nodded and lowered his head back to the pillow. She flicked his nipple before moving down to tracing the ridges of his defined abdomen with just the tip of her tongue. Ana let go of his cock and circled his navel before nuzzling his shaft with her cheek.
“So hot,” she murmured. Her pussy clenched and her body heat went up a few degrees at the thought of having him inside her.
“For you, love, all of me for you. Every inch of me is yours. Take it.”
She continued until she was above his cock. Part of her regretted sheathing him in the condom so quickly. She wanted to lap at the slit atop his cock and taste his desire for her. Instead, she settled for teasing him through the thin barrier. Ana took only the head into her mouth at first.
He let out a shuddering breath as his hips thrust upward, and she released him.
“I'm in charge, remember?” she admonished.
“Ana, please… For the love of the Goddess, I can't take it. I ache to be inside of you,” he passionately declared.
“No, let me have my way. You said you were my slave. Do as I say and don't move,” Ana ordered.
He grumbled under his breath and lowered his pelvis back to the mattress.
“I'll behave,” Dodger promised.
A laugh bubbled past her lips, and she raised her eyebrow at him in question. “Do you even know how to?”
“It's a distant memory. One I'm sure will surface as the night progresses but I do ask, no, beg of you -- please hurry. I don't think I can take much more of this sweet torment.”
“I'll try.” She smiled up at him. Never in her life had she thought sex and teasing could be so fun. With great relish, she took him back in her mouth and bobbed her head. Through the thin barrier she could feel him pulse into time with his heartbeat with each inch that slipped into her. The heat of his shaft burned the sensitive flesh of her lips. Her pussy tightened, moisture slipping down her thighs and her clit throbbing with need. She could only imagine what he would feel like inside of her. His width stretched her lips almost to the point of discomfort. Even when he hit the back of her throat, there was still more of him left to take in.
What would all of him feel like inside of me? Ana knew she was teasing them both. Play time over. She released his cock with a soft pop and glanced up the length of his body.
“Beg me to fuck you. Plead with me to take your cock inside of my pussy.” She was surprised by her boldness and language. Normally she went with the flow of things in the bedroom and kept the dirty talk to a minimum. Something about him and being in charge made her feel wanton, wild and daring.

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