Saturday, August 15, 2009

Empire: City of Lust by Cat Marsters

Empire: City of Lust
by Cat Marsters

Cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-268-5
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Interracial, Shapeshifters
Series: Empire
Length: Novella

"Nobody hides from the Empire. They see everything, they know everything."
The Empress left behind the only man she'd ever loved to serve the Empire, and now she's dedicated her life to decadent pleasure.
The Revolutionary lost the only woman he'd ever loved to the Empire, and now he's dedicated his life to bringing it down.
But fifteen years ago the Revolutionary and the Empress were Jack and Angelica, and their passion burned with bright intensity. Has she forgotten what it is to love someone? Has he mistaken her real intentions towards him -- and towards the Empire?
In a harem in the steaming city of Carnalis, the Empress and the Revolutionary are about to turn the world upside down.

From the memoirs of Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of Carnalis
On the night of my birth, my father was shot dead for Imperial treachery. The shock of it sent my mother into an early labor, which killed her and robbed me of my sight. Blind and orphaned, I was raised by distant relatives who were quick to condemn the emergence of my second sight as the devil's blight, a punishment for my father's sins.That is, until they realized its economic potential. A virgin seer would make a perfect wife for the Emperor.Of course, thanks to Jack, by the time I married I wasn't exactly a virgin any more.He went by many names, even then. Dipper, Hunter, Get-The-Hell- Out-Of-My- Wallet. He left smiles on girls' faces and snarls of apoplectic rage on everyone else's. I called him Jack, after Giacomo Casanova, legendary seducer and charlatan. Jack the lad, Jack of all trades. I used to tell him if he wasn't careful he'd soon be Jack in a box.He could charm the money from your wallet and the underwear from your body with little more than a smile, so they said. Myself, I never had any money to lose. As for the other, well, smiling at me never did any good. By the time I could see him smile, he was already touching me.And, oh. How he touched me. Jack could have any girl he wanted, and he did, frequently. Which meant that by the time he got around to parting my virginal thighs he really knew his way around a female body. He could make me shiver with just a whisper, so imagine what he could do with his hands."Gorgeous girl," he would whisper, "it's a crime you can't see how beautiful you are.""A crime against who?" I asked."Nature. The universe. Me." His fingers whispered a hair's breadth from my skin. "Let me touch you, gorgeous girl, so you can see yourself as I see you.""I'm not sure I want to see myself as you see me," I said, quivering with excitement and hoping he couldn't tell.Jack laughed, a rich, pleased sound. "Because if you could see yourself as I see you," he said, "you'll see a woman who wants me really badly."This time I laughed. "You flatter yourself, Jack.""I don't flatter myself, everyone else does it for me," he shot back. He was clearly enjoying himself immensely. "Why, only yesterday Carla Torcello couldn't stop telling me how hot I was. How big, and hard, and how good I felt sliding inside her. She told me I was the best she'd ever had, the thickest, the meatiest, that she'd never enjoyed taking a man's big hard dick in her mouth as much as mine. That I tasted so good she wanted to go on sucking me forever.""Now you're bragging," I said, but I said it breathlessly. I could feel the heat from his skin."Ah, but am I? Lu Xing was so desperate to have me she had to drag me under the table. Then her father came in and she leapt into the chair but kept me under the cloth, licking her out, while he asked her how her day had been and she pretended everything was entirely normal. By the time he left she'd soaked my face with her cream and she needed to come so badly that when I finally stuck my fingers inside her and made her orgasm, it knocked her out. Totally out cold for several minutes.""How very clever of you," I said, trying to pretend that I didn't want him to do the same to me. Between my legs a strong, insistent beat thrummed."No, it wasn't really, because I was pretty desperate to come too, and there she was, limp as a rag doll, entirely unresponsive. And I don't really get off on unconscious women, you know.""You surprise me.""Do I?" Jack was very close now, his breath warm on my cheek. He had to see how fast I was breathing. He could probably hear my heart hammering. "You think I'd swive an unconscious woman?""I think you'd swive anything with breasts," I said."Urgh, but what about old Mr. Omotswe? He's got man-boobs bigger than your head!"I giggled. I couldn't help it."I wouldn't swive anything with breasts," Jack said, so very nearly touching me that I was panting with anticipation. "In fact, my list of potential swivees has narrowed considerably recently.""And yet it still includes Carla Torcello and Lu Xing," I said."Ah. Well, slight fabrication there. Lu Xing was last year.""And Carla?""Well, that was last week, actually, but," he added quickly as I opened my mouth to protest, "it was only last week she said it. I haven't seen her naked for months.""You don't need to be naked to have steaming hot sex," I pointed out."Indeed you don't. Want to demonstrate to me how?"

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