Monday, July 01, 2013


Okay, y'all, I admit it, I had a flash fiction half written this past week, and I forgot about it due to a puking basset hound

I didn't save it in the email I was using, so...

But! In a flashback er, Monday sort of way, I do have a doppelganger story with Changeling. Of sorts.

In the Pack Mentality series, I have a story about Myra, who's a special kind of shifter. In fact, she can be a doppelganger for anyone. Here's the blurb.

Pack Mentality: Myra's Mate Myra has had the worst luck with men. Even when Colin's pack mates Sasha and Liam assure him that Myra is the girl for him he's reluctant to say the least. He certainly doesn't expect to find her secrets so incredibly intriguing. Can these two turn a blind date into a lifetime mating?

It's here in the collection!

Here's the cover, which is Myra and Colin...

And here's a wee bit from the story! Hope you'll give it a try!

She gave him a wry smile that brought up a dimple in her left cheek. “So, did they tell you they weren’t trying to set us up? Because I think we’ve been had.”

There was a certain forced feeling to it all. “I think so, too,” he said. Of course, the idea held a lot more appeal now than it had earlier in the day. Colin liked the look of Myra just fine, and her husky laugh had him rising to the occasion.

Steve and his cautionary tales could just be damned.

“Have I gone all spotty?” she asked, surprising him out of his thoughts.


“You’re staring at me like I have two heads. Which, despite popular rumor, is not something I’ve had.” All of the laughter disappeared, and she stared at him, a shrewd expression in her green eyes.

“Steve never said what you did,” he blurted out. “Just that it was too weird for him. That and something about smoothies.”

So suave. Jesus, he was an idiot.

Luckily, she found it more amusing than offensive, if the way her laugh rang out sweet and true could be trusted. “Man, a guy asks you to do something for him and when you do he calls you the weird one.”

Before he could open his fool mouth to ask her what she’d done, Colin stuffed a carrot stick with hummus on it in there. His eyes watered. Whoa! Garlic. Good thing he was a werewolf and not a vampire or something. The hummus tasted great, though, even with the overload.

“Well,” he said, “if your smoothies are as good as this hummus, then I’m all for them.” His lips burned like fire. He loved it.

“Oh, you’d hate them, I bet,” she said, crunching into a celery stick. Her teeth were white and even… And how silly was it to look at her as a potential mate?

“I’m sure you could make something I’d like.”

She laughed. “You’re an evil one, aren’t you?”

He found himself reaching out to push a hand into that mass of hair. The texture was just like he thought it would be, soft and springy.

Her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open, and that was when Jenny and the guys came back in from the kitchen, saving him from being told where to get off he’d bet. Colin moved quickly, settling his hands back in his lap, which looked all prim, and helped him cover up the evidence of his erection.

“Good appetizers?” Jenny asked, bending to kiss his cheek. Lord. He blushed a little. He liked Jenny a lot, often wishing he’d gotten to her first.

“Great. How’s the lamb coming?”

“It just needs to rest,” Jenny answered.

“Because it’s worked so hard,” Sasha added, dodging a swat from Liam.

Myra laughed when Jenny whapped Sasha hard, drawing Colin’s attention back to her. Really, her laugh just captivated him.

All through dinner he alternated between enjoying Myra’s company and wanting to kill Sasha, Liam, or even Jenny for touching and hugging on Myra.

By the time they got to the chocolate mousse, he and Myra sat close together on the couch, laughing and teasing. It wasn’t until Jenny got up to clear the plates that he noticed Sasha and Liam had gone quiet, watching he and Myra like hawks. Or like a pack of hungry wolves.

When he realized his upper lip had curled up in a silent snarl, Colin decided it was time to act. “How do you feel about after dinner coffee, Myra?” he asked. “Somewhere not here?"

Somewhere like my place, he thought, where we could have wild monkey sex. Or even just rub off like teenagers. He missed Myra’s answer, but the sound made him look up again, only to find Liam and Sasha staring at him hotly, nostrils flaring. Oh, Lord, what kind of pheromone was he putting off?

“What was that?” he asked her.

“I said, make it a chai latte and I’m yours.”

His body surged, and he met Myra’s eyes, her grin telling him she knew exactly what he was thinking. There was no mistaking the deep, feminine curiosity in her eyes.

“Then let’s go.” ***

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