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The Saturday Book Diver Interviews Terra from The Demon’s Mate by Sam Cheever

Welcome to the Saturday Book Diver! Every weekend I dive into fictional worlds to bring you interviews with fantastic characters.

The word fantastic definitely applies to the experiences of the character I’m talking to today.

At the moment I’m on the rooftop of the castle of the King of Sheoldris. Sheoldris is a subterranean demon world. King Jacobin has claimed Terra and she has agreed to allow us a glimpse into her magical life.

Standing across from me on the rooftop, Terra glances around, as if expecting someone else to appear. Might she be waiting for Jacobin himself? It’s hard to say. Terra is a beautiful woman who stands about five feet six inches tall. She has a slim build and large breasts. It’s easy to see why the king desires her.

Her white-blond hair whips about her in the breeze and her blue gaze fixes on me as the interview begins.

SBD: Thank you for talking to us, Terra. From what I’ve heard, your life is a bit similar to mine, except that I don’t get to bond with a hunky demon lord. But I digress. As a book diver, I magically travel to fictional worlds and you’ve been drawn into one to mate with the King of Sheoldris. Would you explain how that happened?

Terra:  I wish I knew. One minute I was just sitting there, reading my book about a sexy demon king and the next Jacobin was knocking on my door. It turns out his sister, Cybele scribed the book I was reading and that’s how they found me. The details are still fuzzy. All I know is I shouldn’t have thrown the book into the fire. Bad…really bad. [shakes head]

SBD: How would you describe Jacobin?

Terra: He’s just so hawt! And I know what you’re thinkin’. He’s a demon from Hell so of course he’s hot. You’d be hot too if you lived beside the fiery pits. But that’s not what I meant. Besides, Sheoldris is in the Hell dimension but it’s not near the pits. Jacobin promised to take me there some day for barbeque…

SBD: Um, Terra…

Terra: Oh. Sorry, I got sidetracked. Jacobin? He’s a big guy, really wide shoulders, hard as a rock pecs, with these sexy little curved horns on the sides of his head. He has black hair that’s so soft and silky, it frames a square jaw and the most perfect lips. [she sighs] He’s just so damn sexy. Are we done here? I have to go jump a demon.

SBD: Not quite. What is one of Jacobin’s sexiest traits?

Terra: The way he can go from being all growly and alpha one minute to being a tender, considerate lover the next. So yummy…

SBD: How about his most frustrating trait?

Terra: He’s bossy. Very. Bossy. We’re working on the whole, “I’m a king and you must obey me” thing. But he’s had centuries to perfect it and the training is going slow.

SBD: How do you feel about being swept away by a demon lord?

Terra: Pretty damn good overall. I’ll admit I had my reservations at first. I miss my BFFs and my family. But Jacobin has promised me a visit back home as soon as the current crisis is over.”

SBD: Crisis?

Terra: Yeah, Jacobin’s sister Cybele has been taken by ghouls. (shivers) Nasty critters, ghouls. He’s working with scribes right now to try and save her.

SBD: Would you share one of your favorite excerpts from The Demon’s Mate?

Terra: Sure, here ya go. But you’d better have a fan nearby!

Terra tried to pull the wispy little robe she’d been wearing back around her body but it was worse than useless as a covering. It had been sheer enough when dry. Soaked through, it was little more than a frame for her nakedness as she tried to climb out of the tub.
“Stop! The next time I’ll carry you back into the water and hold you on my lap as I bathe you.”
She sucked in a breath as he tugged the sexy leather down his dense thighs and over his big feet. When he straightened again, a cock that looked the thickness of her wrist sprang into view. It was long and perfect and hard enough to hurt someone, with huge, heavy balls hanging beneath it.
Too late, Terra realized she’d been staring. She started to climb out but his voice stopped her.
“Do you like what you see, mate?” His sexy voice had dropped another octave and slipped along her skin like a caress. Terra’s body tightened with lust, her pussy clenching around a sudden wave of need. She found she couldn’t speak, so she turned away, moving as far away from him as the large pool would allow.
She heard him enter the water and looked around with desperation for a way to escape. High, windowless marble walls surrounded the pool on three sides, and she’d have to move past him to climb from the open side. So she hunched down in the water and held the robe tightly against her body.
The water moved around her shoulders in soft ripples, and Terra jumped as his hands came around her waist. She cried out as he pulled her backward and did as he’d threatened, holding her on his lap.
His thick cock nudged against her buttocks, and she barely resisted the urge to rub her bottom against it. She closed her eyes, but only so she could concentrate on breathing without movement. One strong arm banded her waist like a vise and a big hand slipped up one of her thighs. She sucked in a breath at the silky feel of soap sliding over her skin.
His hot breath fanned her ear, and his heart beat a steady staccato against her back. “You have such exquisite skin, woman.” He nuzzled her throat. “And you smell like vanilla and roses.”
Terra didn’t trust herself to speak so she said nothing, but it was all she could do not to open her thighs as the hand bearing the bar of soap slid between her knees and pushed its way upward. Finally she lost the battle, and he was skimming that silky substance over her inner thigh, up along her belly, and down over the other thigh.
Terra swallowed hard and forced herself to take a breath. Her body was taut like a bowstring, and her pussy clenched and unclenched with a need so great her nipples stung under it. No doubt trying to torture her, the demon king deliberately avoided rubbing the soap over her pussy. Without conscious thought, Terra opened her legs in silent entreaty. Need coiled so tightly in her belly that it was painful, and all she wanted in that moment was relief.
His hand skimmed up her torso, shoving her arms out of the way so the useless wrap drifted away from her breasts. Her nipples were painfully hard with anticipation as his big hand rubbed gentle circles along her belly and ribs. Terra fought the urge to touch herself, forcing her fingers into fists that floated at her sides.
The massive shaft beneath her buttocks jumped, and he lifted his hips to drive it against her. “Your body wants me, mate.”
She shook her head but sucked in a quiet gasp as his big hand slipped over her breast. He spread silky suds across the swollen mound, his fingers tweaking the rigid peak with gentle interest.
“Such luscious buds, ready for me to taste.” Against her will, Terra’s head dropped back, resting against his shoulder, and his lips found the side of her throat. “Would you like for me to taste them, mate? Would you like me to fill my mouth with your lovely nipples, sucking them into heat as my cock plunges deep within your sex?” He lifted her until his cock was freed from her buttocks.
Terra nearly moaned as his hand found the other nipple and his cock sprang up between her legs, nudging the throbbing knot of lust at the apex of her thighs. Despite her body’s obvious appreciation of his attention, Terra shook her head, though her denial emerged in a breathless moan. “No.”
The arm that had been holding her around the waist moved, his hand sliding down to press his shaft against her clit. She moaned, arching up to move against him. “Your lips say no, but your body screams yes. Will you always be so difficult to bed?”

Despite the aura of danger about the castle, I wish I could talk to Terra longer. Unfortunately the book diver magic is calling me out of this world, but I’m eager to learn more about what happens to Terra and her demon lord. If you are too, check out

The Demon’s Mate by Sam Cheever

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