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Out Today from Shelby Morgen -- Redemption: Drew (Adult Excerpt)

Shelby Morgen
Genre(s): Action Adventure/ Suspense, Erotic Romance
Length: Novel
Page Count: 304

Redemption by Shelby  Morgen
Former agent Charlotte Giles escaped to the wilds of West Virginia to build a horse farm. She never expected to need her old job skills again. But when Charlie falls for a handsome cowboy who drifts into her life, she trades her own demons for his personal nightmares.
For Drew Bailey, an ex-con who's run out of options, hiding out in Charlie's barn seems the safest way to avoid run-ins with local law enforcement. Drew never counted on staying around long enough to fall in love. Charlie's body proves to be more addictive than freedom, and her heart holds the key to his soul. Her love may be his only Redemption…
Publisher's Note: Redemption is a new edition of a previously released title.
From his hiding place, Drew could hear her clearly, but he knew better. Once the woman knew his name, she'd figure out the rest, and then the gig was up. He should be leaving anyway. Summer was moving on. He should have been long gone that first night, but instead he listened to her through the walls, and allowed himself to live this daydream. He whispered her name. Charlotte. Charlotte Giles.
In his fantasy world, she was close enough to touch. Close enough to smell. She turned her face toward him now, and the sunlight set her hair on fire. She usually wore it in a tight, thick braid down her back, but today it was loose, wild and unruly in the breeze, begging to be touched. He ached to sink his fingers into its silken masses. The color fascinated him -- warm mahogany streaked with frost on a tin roof, all on fire like the last rays of the sunset. He could almost feel it in his hands.
He should have been gone long ago, he thought again. But there was the woman in the way. He told himself Charlotte needed him, because the truth was even more painful.
She'd worn a flannel shirt over her T-shirt one morning, then discarded it when the sun rose higher. He held it to his face now, breathing deeply. The shirt still held a lingering trace of a subtle perfume and another, headier smell that was uniquely her own. It frightened him, this need for her. He wasn't a man who needed anything or anyone -- not anymore. He'd learned the hard way how expensive that could be -- how easily a woman could claim your soul. How she could rip your heart out and stomp it into the dirt.
No. He refused to believe that. It wouldn't be like that with this woman. Not this time. Charlotte was different. She was… Charlotte touched people. She cared. Maybe not about him, but about people, in general. She wouldn't hurt him.
Not intentionally.
He hugged the soft shirt tightly against his chest, trying to ease the ache inside. He'd had the dream again last night -- the dream that was so much better than reality had ever been. Because now the woman in the dream was Charlie. In the dream she tucked the baby in for her nap while he watched from the doorway, then she turned and led him down the hall by the hand. She closed their door, she stripped slowly out of her old jeans and pulled her T-shirt over her head, and then she came to him, naked, wanting, touching, demanding.
When he touched her, she responded to him, pulling him close… closer. When he carried her to the bed, sliding his aching cock into her tight, wet sheath, she was ready for him, wanting him, and he watched her shatter over and over again as he drove her to the edge of her endurance. In the dream he was enough for her. In the dream he was all she had ever wanted or needed.

In the dream he satisfied her.
You're a fool, he told himself. She'll never even know your name.
Shelby Morgen
Drew Bailey is all a romance hero should be: tall, dark, and handsome; a great lover; and  slightly dangerous."
                                    -- Linda, Sensual Romance Reviews
Out now! From Changeling Press

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